Take payments directly through the software
Have the freedom to accept payments online, at the front desk or anywhere in between.
Fast processing
Express transactions
Information about a payment is displayed immediately; therefore, you can quickly activate a service for your customer.
Clients convenience
Convenient payment
Your customers can choose from various payment methods: online transfer, one-click mobile payment, recurring payment, credit card charge, foreign currency transfers and phone payments. Funds immediately appear on your account regardless of payment method.
Data safety
100% Security
We ensure the highest security standards. Each transaction is protected and data is encrypted and stored securely.
Comfort for you
Your convenience
We offer you free account maintenance, daily payouts, refund and complaint processing, and the Customer Service Centre operating every day.
Choose innovation and simplicity
Go for intuitive solutions from PayU to help your business develop.
Your customers benefit from a range of available payment methods. No matter their choice, the money will credit your account almost instantly.

Mobile payments

Service making it possible to pay with one click on a mobile app of your club. Payment can be made with a payment card or online transfer:

  • Fast and easy process
  • Convenience for your customer
  • Complete transaction security
Mobile payments

Recurring payments

It is a simple method to increase a number of loyal customers and boost your profits:

  • Regular and timely payments from your customers
  • Satisfied customers who do not have to remember about paying a subscription fee every month
  • Convenience and time saving for your customers
Cyclic payments

Online transfers and card payments

  • Pay-by-link limits a number of formalities for your customer.
  • Data is filled out automatically and a buyer only has to authorise a transfer.
  • We process payments with the most popular payment cards in the world.
Bank transfer & credit card payment

One-click payment

The simplest way to pay online

  • Speed – one click and a payment is processed even in 0.5 second
  • Even a 93% increase in conversion compared to regular payment methods
  • Payment convenience on every device
  • Transaction security
Cyclic payments

Phone payment

We enable you to collect payments from your customers during a phone call.

  • Fast payment collection from customers
  • Limited effect of “abandoned carts”
  • Convenience for your customers
  • Perfect solution for customers with no internet access
Bank transfer & credit card payment

Foreign currency transfers

You can receive payments in the following currencies: PLN, EUR, USD, CZK, RON, HUF, GBP, CHF, RUR and HRK.

Cyclic payments
Our technology partner

We partnered up with PayU - online payment process provider in high growth eCommerce markets worldwide as the industry leader in the Polish and many other local markets.

They offer 250+ various payment channels and eWallet services that allow buyers to pay electronically in a fast, easy and secure manner, whether on a computer or a mobile device.

Our technology partner