Perfect Gym in India!

Perfect Gym's mission in 2018 is to enter new, promising markets such as India. We strongly believe this highly populated country has great potential for the fitness industry.

Perfect Gym in India!

Perfect Gym's mission in 2018 is to enter new, promising markets such as India. We strongly believe this highly populated country has great potential in the upcoming years. The fitness and wellness industries in India has changed significantly over the last decades. Until recently, the word fitness did not trigger any reactions among the Indian population. Taking care of yourself had a completely different meaning and was focused on ayurveda, meditation and yoga. Today, the fitness industry in India is all about health, well-being, looks and self-confidence. Endurance training, aerobics, Zumba, aerial yoga, pilates, MMA, kickboxing etc. have become fitness trends since several years in India.

Why India?

A report published in December 2016 by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in cooperation with the consulting company EY predicted a double growth in the fitness industry by the end of the decade, with gyms and fitness centers set to expand by 18 percent.  India has been experiencing a social revolution in the last 5 years. Access to social media, the growing role of actors, models and stars in building social awareness, as well as inspirations imported from the US and Great Britain, have resulted in an increased focus on health and physical activity. Almost 47%, of the population, that is 1.3 billion people in India is under 25 years old, making it the most attractive target for sports centers, fitness club or leisure facility  owners.

New market, new opportunities

Thanks to the cooperation with global brands such as Fitness First, Perfect Gym knows how important it is to be the first in a new and developing market. We are actively participating in tradeshows in New Delhi, Mumbai, getting to know the local business customs and consumer behavior. Having the comfort and best interest of our clients in mind, we hired a local Country Manager, who will best understand the needs of club owners. In 2018, Perfect Gym plans an intensive expansion to the Indian market. We want to provide a product that will cover the needs of local businesses as much as possible. The fitness industry in India is just developing, and so is its technological awareness. We want to educate our customers to use the system consciously and productively - explains Margaret Gala, Business Development Director at Perfect Gym. A new market comes with new opportunities and new knowledge that contributes to the development of the Perfect Gym products. We are not afraid of challenges - adds Perfect Center CEO Jacek Szlendak.

Bringing the product closer to the client

At Perfect Gym we understand, that technology and automated communication is just a part of the customer relationship. Nothing will ever substitute the human factor. This is why we actively attend tradeshows all over the world, also in India. Body Power Expo gives us an amazing opportunity to meet business owners and get to know each other on a more personal level. Selling a license is just the beginning. Making a deal is just one day of a longlasting relationship. It's like a wedding day: it's an enthusiastic start, but takes months and years to build a bond and trust. We are ready for this commitment - says Margaret Gala.


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