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The perks of being an international gym software provider

We pride ourselves in being trendsetters, or how we call it: purpose-driven. Travelling the globe, consulting the needs with clients gives us the unique knowledge necessary to grow for our customers.

When we started over 8 years ago, we never imagined that we would be traveling the world, deploying the Perfect Gym Software in fitness and leisure facilities across the globe. Now, we are present in over 40 countries serving more than 2 milion members daily. Our professional experience in different markets is what our clients appreciate the most. 

Life is about taking chances as they come

In the beginning, our little team consisted of just the founders and a few developers, who were given the opportunity to create a system for one of the leading fitness club chains in Poland, the origin country of Perfect Gym. Quickly we discovered that the need for gym software solution was enormous. The fitness industry had just begun its rapid growth and we wanted to be a part of it. We started working intensely on creating a product, which would cover the needs of both small and large fitness club owners. We started by providing an administrative platform and Point of Sale. Since, we have created various modules including a CRM, Automation Center, Reporting tools, as well as an intuitive Client Portal for online registration. We are on an ongoing quest to develop further products, which will support the everyday work of fitness and leisure facility owners. 

Surrounded by professionals

At Perfect Gym, we don't aspire to be the best, but to become the customers' first choice; which is far more important to us than any ranking. We started with the idea to help and improve, which has been our mission ever since. We are certain every club is different, so it requires a special dedication to each. Our Team consists of professionals in every field: starting from developers and prorgammers, customer support, graphic designers, as well as development experts from the industry. The only way to provide a product that works is to actually know the business it's meant for. Every launch of new modules is discussed with experts and professionals and tested by clients themselves.

Innovation is key

We pride ourselves in being trendsetters, or how we call it: purpose-driven. Travelling the globe, consulting the needs with clients gives us the unique knowledge necessary to grow for our customers. Our next step is to focus on the improving efficiency and sales while educating  the system opportunities given by Perfect Gym. Fast and efficient data analysis is crucial in every business, also in the Health and Fitness Industry. Perfect Gym understands this need, therefore always creating additional opportunities for gym and sports facility owners to get complete insights of their business. Currently we are working together with Business Intelligence specialists on existing system improvement, as well as entirely new and advanced tools, which will revolutionise the way gyms are managed. The interactive model provides gym managers and owners an in-depth analysis of their data, allowing them to increase their cost effectiveness and overall performance.

Scale with us

We love every type of business: small yoga studios, medium sized crossfit boxes, big fitness club chains. Our ability to adapt is our biggest advantage. Companies planning global expansions can be sure that Perfect Gym is the best fit for them. Our extensive experience with different clients is an invaluable asset, giving a sense of security when planing to scale. We not only provide a system which supports your development, but also knowledge and support in the process.





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