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Case Study: Ciudad Jardin Fitness24Seven franchise in Colombia

Entering the Colombian fitness market, Fitness 24 Seven gym set out to give their new members personalized and convenient experiences. Learn more about how they achieved it.
Ciudad Jardin Fitness 24 Seven outside building

When you open up a franchise gym in a new country, there is no brand power behind you. Sure, corporate will give you their guidelines, but in a new market, you are effectively trailblazing out in the wilderness.

As the head of the third Fitness24Seven franchise to launch in Colombia, club manager Adriana Mena Figueroa knew she was taking a risk. Setting up a gym is a complex venture; the finances, the facility, the amenities and the market region all need to be taken into account if a fitness club is going to be successful.

“I have had the opportunity to handle other billing and interactive systems, although sometimes the system is updated many times, I still think that Perfect Gym is very user-friendly and  easy to learn.”

Adriana Mena Figueroa, F24S Colombia

The Big Problem

Given its average membership rate of just 2.15%, the Latin American market holds the promise of incredible growth. In 2012, there were no boutique fitness facilities, only 3 high-priced/low-priced brands, and 8 Latin fitness franchises. Now in 2019, there are 16 boutique brands in the region, 25 high-priced/low-priced brands, and 19 Latin franchises.

Perfect Gym mobile app case study

As a newcomer to the expanding Colombian market, Adriana needed to prove the Fitness24Seven brand as worthy for her potential consumers.

Striving to introduce fitness as an integral part of consumer’s lives, she already had a vision of pairing online convenience and personalized services to match her clients’ needs. The club manager stated,

“I wanted to give members 24-hour access to all clubs we have in the country as well as provide fitness evaluations and give exercise routines that meet each members goals. The complex was also going to include functional areas, strength area, cardio areas, a women´s gym, group training classes, indoor cycling classes, a great terrace to do exercise outdoors and comfortable bathrooms and showers.”
Adriana Mena Figueroa, F24S Colombia

Fitness24seven interior gym

This alone made the 939m2 club a huge operational process to maintain. The main issue, Adriana knew, would be to find a club management software that would be versatile enough to handle the Spanish language requirement yet powerful enough to manage all aspects of the gym smoothly.

Having already been implemented in 54 countries and the two other Fitness24Seven franchises in Colombia, Adriana turned to PerfectGym solutions to operationalize her vision.

“It is a very helpful opportunity to observe each change in membership, profile or transaction. The level of detail in the system that allows you to solve doubts and problems in a faster and easier way with a very small margin of error.”
Adriana Mena Figueroa, F24S Colombia

Point of Sales Software for Seamless Day-to-Day Operations

With the company's 15 years of experience and knowledge, Adriana was able to leverage PerfectGym’s when setting up essential software, like Point of Sales. She recalled,

“The big challenge was the stabilization of the system in both computers to make the sales and the generation of the accounting reports to give the detailed information of our sales in both points, Perfect Gym team support led by Paulina Starzs helped us with all that issues and doubts we had at that moment.”
Adriana Mena Figueroa, F24S Colombia

Implementing digital solutions in any business is never a walk in the park, however, Adriana was ready for this and worked with the PG team to ensure everything was ready for the club opening.

“The perfect gym support is really good, the possibility of communicating a problem in real time is very important. Whenever I reported a problem I received a speedy response.”
Adriana Mena Figueroa, F24S Colombia

fitness equipment of fitness24seven in Colombia

Once open to the public, the first few months of management in a new fitness club demands a detailed orientated approach. And with the detailed PG report generation function, Adriana was able to minutely investigate the revenue of her gym.

Perfect Gym is a tool that allows the staff to control all the administrative operations of the gym. And it is also a friendly tool for our members, through the use of the app we are up to date with the demands of our customers, allowing us to be effective and efficient.”
Adriana Mena Figueroa, F24S Colombia

Modern Solutions for a Modern Gym

However, as part of the Fitness24Seven brand, Adriana also wanted to offer more to her clients online as well as offline. According to Aspect Software, 73% of consumers want the ability to solve product/service issues on their own.

Understanding her demographic, she knew that patrons expect to have more control over their fitness. Thus, she added PerfectGym’s online Client Portal and corresponding mobile app to her PG club management system, Adriana commented,

The class booking system allows our clients to attend group classes in an organized manner and allows us as a company to provide assistance to those classes. The PG customer portal is a great tool that allows people to carry out their booking process from home.”
Adriana Mena Figueroa, F24S Colombia

Perfectgym client portal used at Fitness24seven Colombia

From a client perspective, more control over class bookings gave members more convenience and transparency which pushed up their member happiness. And on the business side of things, Adriana was also maximizing her membership sales with her CMS.

“The PG software allows filtering the contracts that are about to expire in this way the reports are generated and the staff can start a telemarketing work to achieve the renewals of the plans or make the client desist from canceling the membership and knowing the specific reasons for the termination of the contract and invite them to return.”

Adriana Mena Figueroa, F24S Colombia

Greater Control of Club Operations

With such a big facility to maintain, club performance overview is a significant pacifier for the stress of directing a gym’s day to day processes. Adriana was quick to make use of the intuitive reporting function of the Perfect Gym CMS to get a qualitative angle on the gym’s performance. Through managing the status of memberships and sales, the Caudad Jardin club manager was able to keep up with any changes and adjust proactively.

Screenshot of Perfect Gym member profile

The detailed insight and zoomed out overview the PerfectGym CMS gave Adriana enough data to drive her fitness club in the right direction. Since opening in May 2018, Adriana has gained over 1600 active memberships.

Using one software provider for your point of Sale, Client portals, back-office applications, and mobile app mean you can cross reference data, produce reports, streamline operations and get support all in one place.”

Adriana Mena Figueroa

Key Take Away

If you are opening a new gym then a multi-functional club management system is a huge weight off as you launch your business.

The early days are when the most problems will occur, so understanding your business performance metrics is a must if you are to make your new club successful.


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