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5 gym myths – check if you believe in them

There are so many training programs that it's hard sometimes to predict which one will give you best results and which will only make you waste your time.

5 gym myths – check if you believe in them

There are so many training programs that it's hard sometimes to predict which one will give you best results and which will only make you waste your time. But there is certainly some basic information, or better to say gym myths you can avoid right from the start. Why should you know them? Simple. I am pretty sure many of your customers believe and repeatedly make mistakes following them. I can even bet that some of the employees may even consider some of those myths as common knowledge. Better know and learn how to tackle them.

Myth 1:My best friend’s training program will give me the same effect

This is one of the most common mistakes that, unfortunately, has a little in common with the truth. Even the best training program that gives your friend great results can be much less effective for you. Muscles of each of the gym participants react differently to a physical activity. If you plan to use great and proven training of your friend try to tailor it to your needs. Test which exercises give you the expected effect and which ones are simply to be cut. Anyway, whenever you hear such an opinion or  a comment from trainees – simply send there a personal trainer to give professional advice and maybe gain a new customer.

Myth 2: I don’t have to train legs as I do lots of jogging

Often while entering a gym you can see that most trainees focus on lifting weights. Only few will remember about a proper leg day. People think that if they were running in the morning or riding a bike the previous day they can easily forget about exercising their lower parts at the gym and spend time just on the upper parts. So wrong. The truth is that by training your legs you also train...upper body parts. Correct stimulation of leg muscles contributes to the secretion of large amounts of testosterone - the anabolic hormone responsible for the development of all muscles, not just those below the abdomen.

Myth 3: Medium intensive one-hour cardio training is the best way to burn fat

Many people still believe that burning calories during a medium-intensive cardio training is the fastest and most effective way to lose unnecessary kilograms. The truth is that by exercising at an increased rate you burn more calories stored in fat. But what counts most is the total amount of lost calories. And you will burn more with interval training. Your body will ‘train’ up to a few hours after the end of such a workout so switch to interval immediately if you want to lose the excess weight.

Myth 4: I need lots of proteins to build muscles

Human body needs a certain amount of proteins. If you supply too many they will simply change into extra calories. Some of them can be digested immediately during the metabolism process but the rest will turn, for horror, into fat. An average person needs 1,2-1,5 grams of proteins per kilogram of the body weight. By using this ratio you will provide the right amount to build ideal muscles.

Myth 5: In order to see the results I always have to push myself to the limits

Going to the gym every day and giving maximum effort make you reach the dangerous edge. Just like physical activity your body needs rest. If you do not allow yourself to recover after intense training all your efforts will be wasted. It's like driving a car with an overheated cooler.

Set a good example and be a guide for your fitness club members and staff. Always try to clarify why those, and other often coming back myths, are far from reality and truth. Use a newsletter option in your PerfectGym management system to send once a week for example a dedicated message about one selected myth and how  to tackle it. You can also use this knowledge while preparing communication and advertising your offer as the one that can bring a real advantage.

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