Perfect Gym and Agence Mac Media team up to digitally transform Canadian fitness

Perfect Gym has laid a claim to the opportunity to digitally transform the $2.95 billion (IHRSA 2020) Canadian fitness industry through a strategic partnership with Agence Mac Media, who will provide local sales and support.

Perfect Gym and Agence Mac Media team up to digitally transform Canadian fitness

A recent RunRepeat poll found Canada had the highest gym members cancellation rate of all countries polled since COVID started. The Canadian fitness industry needs to build back better to meet and surpass COVID levels of membership. It will be crucial that they find new ways to retain current customers, re-engage lapsed customers, and attract new ones to fill their membership.

Perfect Gym is positioned at the centre of the gym data ecosystem to empower facilities to personally engage their members and leads at scale. With integrations with local payment providers like Adyen and Go Cardless, equipment makers like Technogym, access control devices like Gantner, features like capacity limits and online classes support gyms giving their members the best and safest possible fitness experience.

"Moving forward, we expect to see a shift from facilities being a place of choice to providers being brands of choice for an empowered consumer. What this means is that consumers will seek out brands that take a holistic approach to support their health and activity, both within and outside of the facility." - Peter Croft, CSO Perfect Gym

"Perfect Gym was the obvious choice to partner with to transform the technology used in the Canadian fitness industry" - Anthony Gibault, CEO Agence Mac Media

About Perfect Gym:

Founded in 2014 by Jacek Szlendak and Sebastian Szałachowski, Perfect Gym's membership management software forms the hub of all activity in over 1000 fitness facilities in over 60 countries, including outlets for Snap Fitness and Gold's Gym. Perfect Gym's powerful all-in-one platform covers all of the functions of a fitness facility including club membership management, product point of sale and stock management, sales and marketing automation, and machine learning-driven business intelligence. It gives customers a way to interface with your facility through a kiosk, online portal, and mobile app. The platform suits at the centre of an ecosystem of integrations so that payments, keycards, and machine data can all be connected to one central data warehouse that emperors you to create personal interactions with your club members.

About Agence Mac Media:

A full-service technology and marketing agency based in Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Agence Mac Media empowers its customers to create greater and more personal digital engagement with their brands. They have worked with customers from Trévi to Toyota to create and support customer-centric digital experiences. In addition, they help businesses reach their full digital potential through various strategies, including mostly digital marketing and web development, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource planning.

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Lewis Stowe


Cover photo sourced from John Arano.

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