Perfect Gym becomes a Software Provider for 9Round in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman

Perfect Gym Solutions and Aqtab International for Trading’s 9Round Fitness announce exclusive cooperation to strengthen 9Round Fitness’ position in the MENA region.

Aqtab 9Round Fitness joins portfolio of Perfect Gym Solutions

The collaboration will result in Aqtab's 9Round Fitness facilities equipped with the latest technologies to automate their business processes, simplify their everyday operations, and help reduce operational costs.

Perfect Gym’s open API allows 9Round Fitness to choose from the ecosystem of partners or create their own integrations as per their business and consumer needs, delivering great integration flexibility sought after by 9Round. Key integration granted by this corporation is with Gantner Access Control, further supported by Perfect Gym’s QR code access control feature for automated, quick, and secure check-in and access control.

9Round Fitness hopes to maximise acquisition potential with Perfect Gym’s built in CRM module and with featured lead generation tools to convert potential leads into paying customers. The software will be deployed in all fitness facilities of the 9Round brand under Aqtab in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

Perfect Gym is fully compliant with all Saudi Arabia tax regulations. To further improve the user experience of our tools, in close cooperation with 9Round Fitness, Perfect Gym will translate and adapt all required products into Arabic.

We are proud to partner with one of the most innovative and dynamic players in the fitness industry in the MENA region. The state-of-the-art facilities that Aqtab International for Trading’s 9Round Fitness has opened globally have been a great success, carried mainly by its innovative and modern approach - values shared by Perfect Gym Solutions.

About Perfect Gym

Founded in 2014 by Jacek Szlendak and Sebastian Szałachowski, Perfect Gym's membership management software forms the hub of all activity in over 1,200 fitness facilities in 55+ countries, including outlets for 9Round Fitness (owned by Aqtab International for Trading) and Gold's Gym. Perfect Gym's all-in-one platform, together with the open API strategy, covers all of the functions of a fitness facility including club membership management, point of sale, and sales and marketing automation. It gives customers a way to interact with your facility through a kiosk, online portal, and a white-label mobile app.

About 9Round Fitness

Founded in 2008 by professional kickboxer Shannon Hudson and his wife, Heather, 9Round is the world’s largest kicking boxing franchise both in gyms and online that brings kickboxing fitness training to the average person in a 30-minute, trainer-guided, full-body circuit format. The program is developed around a proprietary and copyrighted system of nine challenging workout stations created by Shannon himself.  Since the workouts occur on a continuous circuit throughout the day, there are no scheduled class times. Members utilise wearable heart rate technology, to track effort, heart rate, calories burned and workout time during each 9Round session. Today, there are over 600 9Round locations open and operating throughout 20 countries. Under Aqtab International for Trading, 9Round Fitness holds the rights to operate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, and South Korea.

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