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5 Xmas must-have e-mail promotions

Sending promotional offers via e-mail is so obvious to you that maybe sometimes such super simple ideas are just slipping through and pass your attention.

5 Xmas must-have e-mail promotions

Sending promotional offers via e-mail is so obvious to you that maybe sometimes such super simple ideas are just slipping through and pass your attention. And there is nothing wrong with easy solutions – people enjoy uncomplicated concepts, especially during pretty chaotic times like Christmas shopping. Your PerfectGym management system is here to help you to make some extra moves.

NEW in

Send an email pointing out the products, classes and services, your fitness center or a dance or yoga studio has added over the last season. Position it as “new gift ideas” for Christmas – as for some of your members this still maybe pretty new. For example, if you’ve added new level 1 and 2 of specific yoga classes, highlight that these make great gifts for daughters, girlfriends or stressed-out coworkers.

Wish list to Santa

Send an email looking like a holiday-themed checklist of ten most popular products or services that your gym offers. This can actually work two ways. Your customers can print this list out, check off their tops ones and then “by accident” leave it where their loved ones will get the hint. Second option is such a checklist will be used as a guide for those struggling what to buy for an aunt, friend, workmate etc. If you want to pimp up this email try to tie a product or service with a specific event like New Year’s run, or an upcoming spring marathon season or skiing season. Winter is a great time to prepare and get ready for something big.

Mix and match

Link your products and services to the recipients that your customers are likeliest to buy for: a boyfriend, a wife or a partner, parents, kids, best friends or close coworkers. Ok, you already did so in previous points, so what is different now? You may be thinking why do we need to do this as we already offer gift cards? It may sound strange to you, but, some people think generic gift certificates are boring, lazy and impersonal. So in addition to your standard gift cards, offer “productized” certificates that entitle the recipient to participate in a specific program or service selected just for them. For example this could be a package of massage, personal training and an assortment of energy foods. Let your customers create their own package by picking from the menu of similarly-priced products and services — your PerfectGym management system will help you with this task. Be smart and look not only at nominal prices, but real costs hidden, maybe try to promote more products or services that are not yet that popular or are forgotten. There are many ways to play around.

Wish You all best

We are all bored with the same emails and communication based on promotions and discounts. Nobody reads spam. But if you are able to give something away truly for free, than this is a real marketing blessing. I have heard about free holiday recipes PDF offered by a healthy lifestyles program or a free 30-minute massage coupon from a chiropractic practice. This can be something really small, but believe me it can work miracles.

Hurry up

Send an email reminding the customers that your fitness centre has great gift ideas at all price levels, ready to go, but that they’re going to be gone after the holidays. Add  a call for action to encourage people to buy as soon as possible. Give them clear instructions where to go and what to click or call.  Even if it’s an online purchase, find some way to gift-wrap and really make this i.e. gift-card looking special. Let your exhausted customers know their purchase has been made and when they can pick it up. Try to be very flexible with opening and picking up hours to answer all customers’ needs.


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