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Bring in new members with new trends in yoga classes

Discover new, hot types of yoga classes you cannot miss in your club!

Bring in new members with new trends in yoga classes

People thrive for new things and trends those days and you cannot deny it. As a matter of fact, people live life way too fast, in a hectic manner, always busy so experiencing something new and fresh is their thing. Stressful and often hostile environment pushes many to try boxing as a great stress relief workout routine. Others, on the contrary, look for mental workouts as a perfect way to find their balance. Yoga classes have invariably been occupying the list of top activities for many years, but this does not mean there are no small upgrades or alterations to such classes.

New trends in yoga classes are a great opportunity for you to contact regular customers and encourage them to try them out.

It is also a chance to invite new members by collecting leads from social media campaigns, mobile application, cooperation with sports shops, yoga gear brands or even direct marketing in selected spots with most of potential customers. Get loud with your hot offer and check your ROI inside the gym management software in order to draw constructive conclusions and gain valuable know-how for the future. You can analyse the level of class attendance in dedicated reports which will help you define next steps on class promotion. Based on the provided data, you will be able to create Personas (Sex, Age, and Membership Type) and adjust your marketing campaigns to the specific targets.

Floating yoga

It will not be a big surprise if we start with the newness originating from L.A – a place where nearly all hot and trendy things in gyms and general workouts are born. Thinking of West Coast we have in mind: ocean, beach and hordes of surfers flocking with boards. If we mix it with yoga, we end up doing your regular routine, but on boards. First gyms already started to offer classes that combine yoga stretches, Pilates and gentle martial-arts moves, performed while balancing on a slanting elevated board.

Hot yoga

Hot yoga is the term you may have already come across as it is one of the latest popular ways to exercise. Stretching in such a hot environment is not just meant to make you sweat more. Warm temperatures can help your breathe and are a great way to stretch through any tightness or pain in your body. It also takes less time to achieve your best stretch and is safer as you are less prone to any muscle injuries.

Rage Yoga

“a practice involving stretching, positional exercises and bad humor, with the goal of attaining good health and to become zen as f**k.”

Quoting a website devoted to yoga, rage yoga is:  If you like the idea of yoga but you do not feel like working on your breath and mumbling ommmm throughout the entire class, this may be the type of yoga for you. And most definitely, if you like drinking and swearing, this is a must have. The founder of rage yoga, Lindsay Istace, created this type of workout after experiencing a rough breakup and realized that the naughty words and letting out her emotions while practicing yoga really helped her.


TRX for Yoga

TRX is a good tool to help both beginner and advanced practitioners get closer to their bodies and explore different types of yoga poses. There are different sets of advantages depending on the level of practice. For beginners, TRX suspension trainer makes advanced and complicated poses more accessible by eliminating any fear of falling. For advanced practitioners, TRX can add a new element of challenge to an already known pose.

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