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Can EMS training replace regular gym training?

I am not the biggest fan of expressing such a thesis but as this question or topic pops up more and more often I’ve decided to face it. The question itself seems pretty obvious.

EMS training

I am not the biggest fan of expressing such a thesis but as this question or topic pops up more and more often I’ve decided to face it. The question itself seems pretty obvious. We might as well ask if, for example, cross fit, swimming or squash can replace gym workout. EMS training is quite a young, but very rapidly developing form of activity around the world. It is primarily an innovative form of personal training, a tool for a trainer, physiotherapist instructors, which allows you to perform much more effective training in a much shorter time. This is often the only possible training method for people with health, temporal or mental limitations. We should not look at EMS training while immediately comparing it with standard activities at the gym or fitness and ask ourselves whether it will replace it or not. We should treat EMS training as an additional branch of fitness industry, thanks to which we will attract an even larger group of potential customers to physical activity. First of all, to be fully aware of the opinion expressed on the method of EMS, you must first try this training ourselves, full stop.

Who is a potential customer for EMS training?

If you had any doubts, let me quickly dispel your fears. People who regularly go to the gym or group classes several times a week will never change their club to, for example, an EMS training studio. If, however, out of curiosity they come to such a training they will appreciate its great advantages but they will return to their previous activities. This is their lifestyle and they are convinced. Anyway, this is not the basis of the EMS training system and its business solutions. The real goal is to convince to any physical activity the whole crowd of people the so-called unsportsmanlike types. Yes, they also exist and I can bet that this is a vast majority of our society. People from fitness or sports industry find it very difficult to understand that someone simply does not like or does not want to spend time on visits to gym or any health center. Why do I say that? Check your statistics in Perfect Gym management system to a huge number of people giving up classes after the New Year's boom. These customers also want to be fit, they want to feel healthy, but they do not have enough motivation, desire or time. Thanks to EMS the fitness industry can offer them a short 20-minute training session once a week with a personal trainer in a cozy intimate place. They expect it and now they can have it.

Business opportunity

When I mention a cozy place, I don’t really mean that EMS is only for small studios. There are several ways to use this tool ina business aspect. The system can be used, for example, as a mobile training station, where a trainer with equipment visits customers at home. It can also be a part of the offer of a typical personal training studio or rehabilitation studio. Big fitness clubs, wanting to attract an "unsportsmanlike" customer adapt their own large areas to EMS training. It is a separate service thanks to which from a relatively small room size, they achieve additional revenues and can stand out from a very fast-growing network of low-budget competition. On the German market there are even first franchise networks located only in fitness clubs implementing a complete standardized system for club owners.

There is a great boom for EMS training in most western markets, which is a great forecast for the developing markets. EMS is really worth considering mainly for 2 reasons: it enlarges your offer and make your fitness center more sophisticated and better equipped.  Secondly, it opens whole new horizons when it comes to gaining new customers. Thanks to Perfect Gym management software, all the  above mentionedoptions like mobile training station are easy to implement, promote and sell or/ and book online.

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