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Fitness club marketing – be effective not impressive

The ‘wow’ effect in marketing draws attention but it is not unambiguous with achieving expected effects.

Fitness club marketing – be effective not impressive

The ‘wow’ effect in marketing draws attention but it is not unambiguous with achieving expected effects. Except that the only intention was to draw attention and provided that it drew the attention of targeted audience. There are two basic mistakes that are often made by fitness clubs managers:

  1. Not thinking in terms of a typical customer, club member, and instead approach in style: ‘I would never do that, I don’t need it, it’s not my style, it is not important to me, etc. ’You have to remember that it's not about you here. All those products and services are not meant for you, so do not analyze them through your personal prism.
  2. Shortsightedness, choosing what is impressive and not primarily effective. This happens when you are a person that does not like processes, is impatient, does not trust in things that take time and at first seem unprofitable. Sounds familiar? Well, as it is to sell, it is now. Do not believe in activities that require perseverance and consistency? Let me just point out that there are many processes that require to build trust, strengthen relationships, build a brand, shape your image, or simply to communicate. These are actions which sales results you will not see immediately.

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For these reasons, we focus on what's impressive, what attracts attention, acts quickly, but also ends quickly, and worst of all, disturbs the construction of strong brand image and building stable fitness business completely. We choose sales promotions with screaming message like "membership only from $ xx", forgetting to work on positioning the brand, we prefer to encourage other club members to abandon the competition on our favor, instead of focusing on building present members’ loyalty, we choose defiant photos instead of strengthening our customers’ trust.

What to measure in health club marketing?

In order to monitor effects, you have to be clear about the target. What do you want to achieve qualitatively or quantitatively and at what time do you measure it? For example, you determine specific percentage you want to increase the retention in your fitness club at a certain time, or you set by how much will your brand recommendation grow by the end of a year. Individual actions will be dedicated to achieve different goals and, what is important, one can indirectly support others in the long run.

Performance indicators in fitness club marketing

You cannot talk about measuring the effects if you do not specify what will the benchmark of your actionsbe. What will the measure of your successbe, how will you count your progress? Here we come to the heart of the key performance indicators (KPIs). If you are planning your fitness club marketing efforts, you start with the goal setting and you end up refining performance metrics. Think about what will key to check your performancebe: the number of contacts you've received, the number of visits to your site, the number of fanpage members, the number of newsletter subscriptions, recommendations or retention? You have two tools at hand to check if you have reached your goals: most important one - Perfect Gym management system and other-  Google Analytics.

Effective fitness club marketing

In conclusion, you will not measure the effect, if you did not specify the target.  Do not know where you are heading? You do not care than how you will get anywhere and what tools you will use. However, if you want to get to a specific point, you will choose the paths that lead you and you will know when you have reached your destination. The same with marketing, the goal determines the choice of tools and the indicators for performance measurement. Read more also in Training and marketing – what they have in common?

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