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Fitness trends – outlook and ways to implement them into your business

Every year brings something new in terms of fads and hot topics. Check our list and decide where you can jump on the bandwagon.

Fitness trends

Every year brings something new in terms of fads and hot topics but here, we would like to focus on strong, continuing trends which keep developing and expanding in the fitness world. All of them can have an impact on your gym business in different areas and in different scope. Check our list and decide where you can jump on the bandwagon.

Smartphone apps

Hands up who has not yet tried any fitness or running app? Fitness smartphone apps will continue to be trendy in 2017, full stop. Whether you are looking for meal planning inspirations or programs that prepare a certain set of exercises, there is probably an app out there for you. How can you join in with your business? Gym members need constant motivation and the feeling they belong to a certain “club”. Not only does PerfectGym offer you club management software for your business, but we supply a variety of enhancements such as a smartphone app integrating with the entire system. Your gym maniacs can now read news from you, sign up for classes, check their measurements results recorded by a body composition analyzer or view their membership details.

Fitness programs for older adults

The population of well-developed countries is aging. We are here to give you a great tip – think of special classes, seminars or comprehensive programs dedicated for older adults. Those people often look for fitness exercises that will help them in their daily activities such as: improve their sense of balance, lifting small items, bending down or reaching and stretching out for objects etc.  What you need to consider is to properly target your older audience. The PerfectGym marketing module will assist you every step of the way, enabling you to communicate with your members, send push notifications or SMS alerts to remind about new activities in your club and upcoming classes.

Flexibility and mobility rollers

Stretching before and after a workout has been considered useful for some time now but foam rollers which offer a more deep-tissue massage experience are changing the game when it comes to post workout recovery routines. They might be different in size and shape, for instance: with bumps, ridges or edges and have a positive effect on our bodies – they improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. It would be rather easy to equip your gym or studio with a few of those. The next step is to train your staff how to use it, promote it and share this news among your customers. You can introduce special stretching classes for your members to enroll in using Client Portal, Self Service Kiosk or Mobile App.  All possible in the PerfectGym System.

Body weight training

No wonder why no-equipment workouts have become so popular – they are relatively easy to learn, can be modified to suit any ability level, and can be done literally anywhere. Push-ups and pull-ups are classic bodyweight moves but there is many more to choose from such as: squats, lunges, or planks. This is why you should definitely implement it in your gym offer. Customers, both beginners and gym freaks, will be able to benefit from such trainings and what is crucial, it gives a huge potential to expand: dedicated classes, seminars, specials trainings with personal trainers etc.

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