Make Your customers happy

Happy hours at your gym - who should you target?

Make Your customers happy

You might consider it boring but I will repeat myself again – February is a love month and we cannot do anything about it, expect for benefiting from it. If you have not changed your promotion strategy with the New Year, then February is a great moment to try out something new in this area and see if it works out for you. During a normal working day, you probably struggle with off peak hours. So let’s address this issue with a happy hours promotion and at the same time, show some love for new customers!

What is a happy hours idea?

Consider this idea as a win-win option

To put it straight, it is an idea to bring new customers to your gym or studio who normally cannot come at the most popular times or are very price sensitive. Consider this idea as a win-win option for your business as from one side, you can reach new customers and secondly, your studio is more time and cost effective. There are a few groups of potential new members that can be easily targeted so just check out some ideas below.

Fit healthy Mums

Get ready for a storm - an immerse number of mostly young ladies plan to re-shape and lose some extra weight gained during pregnancy. They are very busy and occupied and most probably they can only find some time for themselves between late morning and midday. Prepare a special offer where you limit entry hours, have no enrollment fee, have a favorable discount on membership like 30-50%, prepare special classes dedicated for this group’s needs. This group is very prone to any diet and nutrition novelties so be ready to introduce extra offers during happy hours at the bar inside your club. Our Perfect Gym reports should definitely depict an increase in members visiting your club at midday, attending classes around this time as well as a spike in new contracts signed up as a result of this initiative. If you feel strong and confident plus you have some space and money to invest, maybe it is time to think about a kid’s corner where mums can leave their loved ones under supervision.

Student’s special

We all know that students are mostly not a very wealthy group and they rather spend money on different types of entertainment. But it does not mean they do not like sports and keeping fit. As they are a very conscious group of customers, eager to work out, there are large numbers of them – why not turn them on your side. Students offer setup can be even simpler than for mums as here, only price and time matter, so play around with only these two factors. Feeling good with this idea? In the future, try out special dance classes targeted at female students. Use your Perfect Gym software in order to send them special, hot offers, dedicated only for them and announced only via e-mail. This will also allow you to measure your results in a very short time.

Old is gold

As our society is getting older, more and more people are moving towards older adults group but this should not mean they are put aside and treated marginally. This group still wants to stay active. It is important to note that older adults need a bit more of special treatment, more focus as they have to learn what type of exercises are good for them, how to avoid injuries etc. They rather attend organized classes so if you want to target this group, prepare a solid offer with dedicated groups. Older adults do not usually change clubs like one changes shoes so if you win their hearts, you can have very loyal and long-term members.


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