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New technologies that support retention

Integrating technology into your health club strategy can enhance member retention and the club revenue.

New technologies that support retention

Integrating technology into your health club strategy can enhance member retention and the club revenue. To start off you need to identify your market segmentation in order to use the technology in an effective way. Knowing who your customers are is crucial while implementing fitness-targeted technology. Equipped with the knowledge about your members check what high-tech opportunities  there are for you.

Social media and apps

Starting from obvious- social media and mobile applicationshave few undisputable advantages such asclose to zero or very low cost of implementation, easiness of usage, flexibility and possibility to react right on time. Those tools can be used for various actions and projects that target retention issues i.e. building community with groups, events, organizing contests in order to engage customers, obtaining leads and performing marketing actions. Perfect Gym management system can effectively help you to work and make most out of mobile app that is administrated trough the system.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology refers to technology in accessories which help in routine activities. This technology comes in different shapes and sizes, but watches are the most recognizable type of wearables. Companies like Apple, LG or Samsung have already spotted the huge potential that wearables offer and keep investing in this category.But how those gadgets can help you as a club owner? Firstly, there are wearables that are designed specifically for the fitness industry. The one that comes immediately to the head are activities trackers. These allow your customers to measure all kinds of different activities and health indicators. Just think about what it would do for your coaching services if you had a direct access to that measured data.

Fitness machines

Technology also pushes the way we workout when it comes to fitness machines to the new levels. Look atnew advanced cardio machines such as stationary bikes, treadmills and cross trainers that are equipped with heart rate monitors, TVs and touch screens that can be used for interactive workouts. Another good example is the cloud-connected line of cardio machines which track performed workouts and send progress data to the user’s account. When your gym is known for being equipped with innovative machines it will definitely boost the image of your health club. If your gym is also perceived as the one witha high tech approach to fitness you can draw on a growing audience of digital savvies who are used to and value technology in everything they do.

Access control

Access control is already a commonly used technology. There are many ways to implement the access control to your gym starting from a basic card scanner at the reception and ending with a fancy fingerprint scanner. What this technology gives you is a great insight in clients visiting habits. You can easily anticipate the amount of employees needed at any given time and keep close control on your gym’s maximum capacity. This data which can be easily obtained from Perfect Gym system can be used to determine optimal times for maintenance, cleaning or small refurbishments. And a smart access control system can be a life saver while preventing long queues at the reception, freeing up time for your staff.

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