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New-year resolution Perfect package offer

Check out 4 perfect tips on how to start 2017 and offer package offer to your members.

New-year resolution Perfect package offer

There is nothing better than New Year’s rush that pushes people to undertake new initiatives in their lives.

All those pompous speeches made at New Year’s Eve have to find their ways to become a reality. We have all seen and heard stories about our friends or relatives who were going to finally take their lives in their hands or were going to dramatically change it or take up hobby/sport that they were always thinking about.

Whatever it is that brings people to your gym just after clocks strike midnight and confetti goes up, the clue is – you need to be ready! Not only do you simply need to open your arms and welcome all fresh men who have never ever stepped into the gym before, but also do it with flair and a good manner.

I have seen in my local gym something I can call – a perfect new-year’s resolution package.

I strongly believe that this was attractive not only for new members. As a proper fit freak, I would be a happy if I got such a package. So what is in it then? The full offer consists of: 8 entries, a consultation and full body composition measurement with a personal trainer plus a goal setting session, a personal training, a consultation and massage by a physiotherapist, a VIP package – water, a towel and supplements provided upon each entry. All of this is at less than a half price and the valientries are valid till end of February. Sounds too good? A professional gym software makes it very easy. You can setup attractive starting packages for any occasions and add them to payment plans of your choice. When members sign up for the special New Year Membership, they automatically receive a package consisting of the items you have set up.

Fully aware of the fact that not all of you can afford such a concept, I want to briefly go through main advantages of this program. I believe that implementing at least a part of it through your gym management software can bring you success.

1. Certain amount of entries in a defined time frame. Simple as it is. Beginners have to feel a bit of time pressure in order to comeback. This also may create a long term habit of going to the gym regularly.

2. Honestly speaking, many people have no clue what some equipment is for, how to use it and what part of body is worked on it. People little know about their current state – from basic weight, up to body composition or body hydration levels. On top of that, although we know some of these numbers, we probably cannot correctly interpret them. This is why an all-around consultation with a knowledgeable personal trainer is a must. This becomes just a great starting point to the adventure called “gym” and if your personal trainer has a good attitude, they may be an essential part of your success. This person should be a great motivator, build trust and confidence, and stay focused and positive.

3. A physiotherapist consultation can be a great bonus for a few reasons. Your new customer can immediately feel how professional and well-developed your offer is. It credibly proves that you think in a holistic way and build your business in a thoughtful manner. Such consultation gives a better understanding of your body, why people should come to the gym and what they can achieve. Your customer becomes more aware and can benefit more. Plus who does not like massages?

4. The VIP package is my personal favorite out of the starting package, as it is not very often seen in gym’s offers. If you want to make your new customer feel special and show your caring, yet professional attitude, then this is the thing to do! Your reception area is the first point of contact and you can already win your new customer there – benefit from it.

Do not waste any more time, try new ideas and check results in the gym management system.

2017 has just landed and there is still a lot to win in this game.

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