Show some love to your regular customers during love month

Reaching your club gold - regular club members

Show some love to your regular customers during love month

February is full of love, hearts, red colors and not only till 14th, nowadays. This is why I would even take a risk to say February is a love month as such. It is not difficult to come up with ideas how to gain new members on such occasions as Valentine’s Day but the real big deal is to make your regular customers happy. The last thing you want to see is a sad face of a loyal customer standing next to a new member signing a much better deal than they had.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what your most dedicated group of user would appreciate. The best place to find the answer is Perfect Gym management software with the whole range of statistics and reports to pull from. Take time to analyze the behavior of a certain group of people in order to find what they like, what their favorite part of the day is, what do they buy from you, how much they spend, whether they have ever shared comments, opinions etc. You have full knowledge served up on a plate, just learn how to read it. Whatever you find out about your customers, we have some universal ideas that could be easily adjusted to your needs.

Healthy relax

After a good and sweaty workout, there is nothing better than a massage that helps to reciver your entire body. Why not prepare a special discount offer or a package offer for sports massage and some physiotherapy treatment? Knowing your costs and the personnel schedule try to figure out the best configuration. The idea is that your gym freaks should notice and appreciate the difference in their overall body condition and should be interested in coming back for this type of service. If you do not offer a massage or any wellness related service,  go for personal training packages. Check schedules and availability of your staff in Perfect Gym software schedule to be well prepared and ready.

Good food

One of the most difficult aspects of a healthy lifestyle and fitness overall is nutrition! You know that eating proper food can be a constant struggle so give your regular customers a helping hand – offer a discount or again a package of dietician consultations with a strong emphasis that nobody will leave without a ready meal plan! What is more, you can team up with a dietetic catering company and have a discount for members to order such a service. Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who keep asking about it, would like to try it, but are not sure. If it is there – at your place – waiting for them with a good price deal, you can be sure to have a success.

Get know-how

Healthy lifestyle and a proper training is not that easy, as we have already noticed, and requires a lot of knowledge from different areas. Offering a good deal for upcoming seminars about proper techniques of some exercises, nutrition, muscle gaining, weight losing can be extremely beneficial and highly appreciated by your customers. Thanks to such an offer, you can easier and more effectively plan a seminar schedule.

Besides all of that – it is necessary to treat your loyal customers well as they are your best business card and a walking word-of-mouth ad. If they are happy, be sure they will pass it on and sooner or later, others will knock at your door to join.

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