Valentine’s Day as a great opportunity to find new members

Discover how to capitalise on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day as a great opportunity to find new members

Hate it or love it but Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we really believe it can be a special day for you as a business owner. You may think that a one-day event is way too short and it cannot have a long term impact, nonetheless let me share with you a few ideas on how to bring new members to the club and successfully manage them. I am more than sure that once you read some of the suggestions, you will definitely want to use this opportunity as all other business around from restaurants, to spas, to hotels and fitness studios.

Referral program

If you want to target your program to a wide audience, launch an initiative in which your loyal and regular customers share data of future prospects. It can be someone from family, friends etc. – we do not limit for any option here. Occasions such as Valentine’s Day make people more open for new suggestions, plans or ideas. Use this hype to increase sales. In order to reward those giving the data away, you may think of a simple lottery or cool, handy sports gifts or even free 1-3 monthly memberships. Present it as an option to spend great time with your loved one – we call it quality time! Not every gym software offers a platform which enables assigning loyalty points and controlling your communication with members. Perfect Gym gives you such an opportunity in the recently launched Automation Center.

Social media campaign

It can be a very cost effective method of gaining new leads. Launch a campaign, for instance: share your love and encourage people to leave their and their partner’s data. Next, suggest liking your fan page and share the message. After entering their data, people will automatically participate in a prize draw and get their chance to win free memberships. Thanks to this pretty and not complex initiative, not only can you gain new potential members, but also build your brand awareness. What is really attractive is that in a short time you can collect many contacts in your gym management system and do not have to work with them on the same day. Of course, those prospects have to be taken care of quite fast but you have enough time to build a great and detailed plan on how to communicate with them and what to offer in order to win them over. The whole communication and promotion strategy can be easily managed with Perfect Gym management software. The recently launched Automation Center enables you to plan your communication with members, setup notifications and alerts to ensure that your clients are always well informed.

Hot day!

Turn this day into a really big event by preparing an offer for free day passes for couples – people can bring their loved ones and any friend or relative. Prepare your front desk for extra work and possible long queues of new customers. Make a great impression from the start showing your place as well prepared and managed. If you want to spice it up, go ahead! Offer extra discounts or no joining fee if someone makes a decision to become a member on the spot. Still not enough? Then organize a lottery of free monthly membership cards for those who came for a free day pass. There is a great chance that the winner will have their partner join the club as well so you can earn new members anyway. We just urge you to be ready to handle those interested and not leave anyone without a proper service, necessary information and marketing materials etc.

The crucial point in the initiatives of this type is an effective gym management system that will help you work with all leads. A big portion of new data has to be entered, stored and later worked over. You can easily communicate with your leads and present your best offers in order to bring them in. Your gym management system will also indicate if Your Valentine’s Day action was successful or not by displaying the data about attendance, sales, new members signed up etc. Of course, your initiative is supposed to bring in even better results in the future but still you can observe and measure it right from the start.

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