Why your coaching staff needs constant training?

Make sure that you have the right people in the right place.

Why your coaching staff needs constant training?

There is a common belief that people really do make places. At the end of the day, we like to visit a specific hairdresser or gym not only because we like the building or interior design, but mainly because we like the people who work or we can meet there. This is why your coaching staff is of such a great importance and can be a major factor towards your success. If you want to see full time schedules of your personal trainers and fully booked classes in your gym management software, you have to make sure that you have the right people in the right place. By right people I mean well trained – pretty obvious, great motivators – even sometimes psychologists, approachable with a great attitude and spirit, and eager to learn new things every day. This is way you should also take care of your training staff and constantly look for opportunities to upgrade their skills and qualifications.

Coaching staff is your business card

From the moment customers meet your trainers on your www or social media till they finally work out with them one-on-one or in a group class – this is when the whole impression arises. Your customers may like it and may be so thrilled that they will share it with their friends and relatives, creating great potential for the future. But with time, every opinion may change as there is nothing worse than a boring workout. If a training routine or music is constantly repeated during classes, your customers will simply tend to search for a change. This is when you may face a slowly rising member retention problem. But before such a situation occurs, think proactively and keep your staff up to date with all trends and news from the gym world. You can do it internally and also look for great offers outside. Many sports gear companies organize 1-day trainings or seminars. There are plenty of options and not all of them have to cost you a fortune.

Trainers are athletes- they need motivation and challenges

Your coaching staff is no different than any other employees in a traditional company. They need motivation and need to feel support from you as the owner. Doing some internal meetings and trainings about what is IN and trendy, enrolling your staff in seminars, co-financing camps and seminars proposed by your staff is like fuel for your engine that keeps the gym machine running. Those professionals require constant innovation in order to stay competitive and to have a fully booked schedule. This is when the challenge factor comes alive. Your gym management software can come in handy here as star ratings and user opinions on your staff can tell you a lot. There is a lot of ways for your trainers to get bonus points from your members. They can make fitness assessment tests in the software, plan trainings and workouts as well as notify members about upcoming PT sessions in order to keep the communication alive. The member then can use the Mobile App to rate trainers and classes, easily with the star rating and a comment section. The feedback should give the trainers hints on how to improve in classes and PT sessions. The member, on the other side, feels reassured, their opinion matters. Trainers with the best ratings can be rewarded with extraordinary seminars to further educate themselves and thereby enhance customer care in your gym. Everybody wins.

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