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Who Are We?

PerfectGym – sounds like a new gym in town? Not quite right. We have created and are still developing a comprehensive system for managing fitness clubs and leisure centres, which improves the daily work of managers and owners in achieving business goals, and helps their members maintain an active lifestyle.

Why Work with Us?

We’re an Industry Leader

Be part of an industry-leading company that is at the forefront of digital transformation in the fitness sector. As we actively participate in industry events across the globe, you'll have opportunities to travel and expand your horizons.

Opportunity to Grow

At PerfectGym, we prioritise your professional growth and development. You'll have the chance to expand your skill set and take on exciting challenges that nurture your potential.

Remote-Friendly Environment

Enjoy the flexibility of a remote-friendly work setup that enables you to maintain a healthy work-life balance while contributing meaningfully to our shared goals.


We believe in open and honest communication. Transparency is a core value at PerfectGym, and we share all essential information about our company, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration.

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How Do We Hire?

Step 1

Application Review

We carefully review your resume to determine if there is a potential match between your skills, experience, and our team's requirements.

Step 2

Recruiter Call

If your qualifications align with our needs, we'll reach out to you to ask some basic questions, learn more about you and your background. Also, we'll schedule an online or on-site interview meeting.

Step 3

Interview Meeting

During the interview, you'll have the opportunity to connect with someone who closely collaborates with the role you're applying for. We'll delve deeper into your skills, experience and aspirations, while you get to know more about the desired job and our company.

Step 4

Practical Task

For certain positions, we may request a practical task as part of the assessment process. This allows you to showcase your abilities in a real-world scenario, highlighting your expertise and problem-solving skills.

Step 5

Feedback & Decision

We believe in transparent communication and will promptly share constructive feedback on the interview and inform you of our decision. If it’s positive, we’ll make an offer for you to join us.

It’s Our People that Make Us Perfect

Eliza Niepytalska

Eliza Niepytalska

Process Manager in Technical Support and Problem Manager

I started my career in IT and project management at PerfectGym, and it has since become my dream career path. I first joined the company in 2017 and worked there for 2.5 years. Initially in the dual role of Implementation Project Manager and Consultant, and then as manager for the Implementation Success department.

During this time, I gained valuable experience that not only prepared me for external certification exams but also helped me adapt to new realities in other companies I have worked for. However, after briefly exploring other opportunities, I realised that the unique blend of innovation and industry relevance at PerfectGym is where I truly belong. That’s why I rejoined the company in 2022. It was a great decision! I’m excited to work in such a dynamic environment where I feel I have a real impact on the internal process and product.

Zubin Ajmera

Zubin Ajmera

Demand Generation Manager

I joined PerfectGym in 2021 and have been working fully remotely from India ever since. One of the most captivating aspects of my role is aligning with the company's commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle. This vision is something that inspires and motivates me every day at my work.

My journey here has been filled with memorable experiences, from successfully executing time-sensitive campaigns for a large Middle Eastern client to enjoying a delightful evening in Warsaw with my team. The unique culture at PerfectGym is characterised by a clear vision, a well-defined growth path, a focus on employee tenure, and exceptional leadership. Working here has taught me the importance of team building and collaboration, which are crucial elements for organisational growth.

Kornelia Kordala

Kornelia Kordala

Salesforce Admin

I joined PerfectGym in 2016 as a Technical Support Department Manager, responsible for implementing and administering Salesforce. 3 years later I left for Tanzania, returned, and decided to focus solely on developing my Salesforce skills. In 2021 PerfectGym COO invited me back to help with Salesforce development, and I eagerly embraced the opportunity.

What I love most about PerfectGym is the incredible company culture, which fosters collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning for both personal and professional growth. I’m a testament to the transformative impact a single job can have on one's entire career trajectory. Without PerfectGym, I might never have discovered my passion for Salesforce and solidified my commitment to intertwining my future with this platform.

Viacheslav Kurs

Viacheslav Kurs

Growth Director

My role involves expanding the company's reach into new markets and managing existing channel partners in Canada and Italy. I have been with PerfectGym since 2018, with a brief departure to explore HRTech space before returning in 2023.

The most rewarding aspect of my role is working with a fantastic and supportive team in the dynamic fitness industry. PerfectGym's global presence fosters a unique culture that promotes open-mindedness and innovation. I started as a Sales Development Representative and progressed to the Middle East and Southern Europe Manager before becoming the Growth Director. Each step has been instrumental in shaping my professional growth. Excited about the future, I now lead new market development and feel I have a real impact on the company's growth.

Artur Ługowski

Artur Ługowski

Software Developer

My name is Artur, but everyone calls me Ługi. I joined PerfectGym in March 2016, and it has been my first full-time job ever since. I started my journey as a first-line support agent, progressing through second-line and third-line support roles before landing my current position as a developer.

There are a lot of good things about PerfectGym, but what stand out the most are the people and the atmosphere. When I come to the office, I always know I will meet people with whom I want to talk, joke around, or learn from. It's a rarity to find a workplace where you can develop lifelong friendships, yet at PerfectGym, we genuinely enjoy each other's company. Our discussions extend beyond work-related topics; we delve into a variety of subjects with everyone, from colleagues to managers and board members.

Mateusz Opałko

Mateusz Opałko

Technical Support Expert

I have been with PerfectGym for over 5.5 years, starting as a Support Consultant and now serving as a Technical Support Expert. This role allows me to fulfil my passion for assisting people, and I experience great satisfaction when a client or colleague expresses happiness due to my contributions. Also, I greatly enjoy the supportive atmosphere, our company culture, and opportunities for some fun, even in challenging times.

Unlike previous jobs, PerfectGym provides ample space for creativity, allowing me to expand my skills, from learning SQL syntax to handling new technologies. Beyond my support responsibilities, I create document templates and achieved a notable milestone by implementing the Luhn algorithm. PerfectGym's non-corporate environment values everyone equally, making it a unique and enjoyable workplace.

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