Client Portal

Give Your Members Full Control Over Their Memberships

From effortless registration to an array of convenient payment options – equip your members with the ultimate toolkit to craft a fitness experience like never before. With a user-friendly design and comprehensive functionality, the Client Portal allows them to manage all aspects of their fitness journey.

Empower, Refine, Succeed

Increase You Member Base

Empower your potential customers to quickly sign up for memberships and seamlessly book classes or personal training sessions.

Reduce Costs

Experience significant cost reductions by empowering members to take control of their administrative tasks and payment processing, decreasing the workload of reception staff.

Elevate Your Brand Identity

Create a familiar online presence for your clients with our customisable Client Portal platform. Set the colours, images, and logos to align with your brand's identity.

Boost Member Convenience with Self-Service Club Enrolment

In 2022, twice as many members purchased their memberships online compared to the previous year. Nearly 17% of all payments are made through the app or website. This feature saves clients' time and reduces the workload of our reception staff.

Online Registration

Boost Member Convenience with Self-Service Club Enrolment

Give your members a fully automated alternative to the standard, in-person club joining process. Tailor the online registration flow to your business needs by customising fields to collect relevant and detailed data on your club members.

  • Simplify club joining
  • Customise registration form
  • Secure data usage consent
  • Enable electronic signature
Maximise Class Capacity with Effortless Booking Management

Through the Client Portal, members can easily see the available group fitness classes and book their slots in advance. This not only ensures that our classes are never overcrowded, but it also allows our instructors to prepare and know in advance which members to expect, providing a more personalised and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Class, Facility and Personal Training Bookings

Maximise Class Capacity with Effortless Booking Management

Simplify reservations and empower members to book their preferred sessions and zones at their convenience. With detailed class descriptions and real-time enrolment updates, they can confidently make well-informed decisions about their workout selections.

  • Customise the booking process
  • Intuitive filtering options
  • Access all bookings in one place
Simplify Billing for a Smooth Member Journey
Online Payments

Simplify Billing for a Smooth Member Journey

Streamline the payment process for your members, allowing them to stay focused on their fitness goals while reducing administrative nuisances. Empower them to set up recurring payments, securely connect their credit cards or conveniently access an online payment gateway, ensuring a safe and hassle-free transaction experience.

  • Convenient billing options
  • Safety measures certified by ISO 27001
  • Payment reminders
Increase Revenue with Special Deals
Sell Products and Services

Increase Revenue with Special Deals

Ignite your online sales strategy with flexible pricing and rewards loyal members, allowing them to save more the more they train. Attract customers with appealing offers on bundled products and services along with discounts or vouchers redeemable upon registration.

  • Track products usage
  • Offer attractive prices on bundles
  • Get personalized recommendations
One Membership for All Family Accounts
Family Memberships

One Membership for All Family Accounts

Simplify your members' lives by providing the option to manage multiple accounts under a single membership, enabling parents to closely oversee their children's fitness journeys. Promote shared motivation within the family for a healthier, active lifestyle.

  • Multiple accounts under one membership
  • Family payment plan
  • Parental control and permissions
  • Simplified billing process
Connect Your Marketing Tools for Complete Control
Marketing Integration

Connect Your Marketing Tools for Complete Control

Easily integrate the Client Portal with your preferred marketing tools, including Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Ads, or Meta Pixel. Simplify the measurement of your campaign results and supercharge your fitness business marketing strategy.

  • Improved campaign measurement
  • Enhanced marketing strategy
  • Simplified marketing tool management
Streamline Member Communication and Keep Them Up to date
Automated Notifications

Streamline Member Communication and Keep Them Up to date

Leverage the Automation Center to send personalised communications to your clients, confirming their actions on the Client Portal. Promptly send a welcome email upon account creation, attach the Contract Agreement, and send notification for payment confirmation after successful processing.

  • Immediate SMS, push, and email notifications
  • Efficient communication management
  • Improved member experience

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Ready to boost customer satisfaction? See how the Client Portal platform can nurture long-lasting relationships with your members by empowering them to take control over all aspects of their club experience.

Integrate Your Fitness Club with Members’ Lifestyles

Give your customers access to a user-friendly platform where they can easily schedule workouts, track their fitness progress, shop products, and more. With PerfectGym's Client Portal, members can make fitness a natural and convenient part of their lifestyle.

Simplify the process of becoming a member of your club by offering a user-friendly and transparent signup option.

Empower your members to manage their workout routines on the go with the Client Portal responsible on any device.

Make sure that members can enjoy an uninterrupted club experience with convenient online payment options.

Encourage motivation among families with attractive and easy-to-manage plans under one membership.

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