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Club Management Software Fit for Your Business

Simplify club management by consolidating all your clubs into one user-friendly platform. With all your member, club, and employee data easily accessible, you can confidently make informed decisions to drive both business and client success.

Optimise, Streamline, Grow

Your Business, Fully Empowered

Don't let outdated systems hold you back. Drive customer satisfaction with a complete and modern club management system, providing a complete 360° view of your business.

Grow Your Revenue by 35%

Maximise your revenue potential with PerfectGym Manager by optimising daily operations and streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency and financial growth.

Increase Member Retention

Deliver convenient membership management options, offer flexible payment choices, and keep members engaged through automated communications.

Scale Your Club Operations Effectively

We have chosen to partner with PerfectGym as we believe they will be a long-term strategic partner in our journey towards success. PerfectGym is capable of effectively addressing all critical business aspects, positioning us for scalable growth.

Club Management

Scale Your Club Operations Effectively

PerfectGym Manager is a fitness and leisure club management software, designed to streamline your business, improve member experience, and drive growth. Maximise your business performance with our integrated solutions for sales, membership management, billing, booking, marketing, and reporting.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Access real-time data
  • Leverage advanced analytical capabilities
All Important Member Data Accessible in One Place
Membership Management

All Important Member Data Accessible in One Place

Experience the convenience of having all member data seamlessly consolidated within a single, intuitive interface. Our robust platform empowers you to effortlessly centralise every aspect of member information, including account details, payment history, attendance records, contracts, and more.

  • All critical information accessible in one location
  • Track payment history
  • Better understanding of member preferences
Make Better Decisions Powered by Data

We use reporting tools every day. The choice of over 120 different reports allows our administrators, managers, sale staff, and accountants to work efficiently, as they use different data in their daily tasks.

In-Depth Reports

Make Better Decisions Powered by Data

Empower your decision-making processes by unlocking the potential of your data with PerfectGym Manager's robust reporting features. Gain access to an extensive library of reports designed to meet the needs of our biggest clients. Make more confident and informed decisions that drive your business forward.

  • Improve data-driven decision-making
  • Access reports designed for our biggest clients
  • Get your reports delivered directly to your mailbox
  • Gain actionable insights for continuous improvement
All Important Business Metrics at Your Fingertips
Dashboards & Widgets

All Important Business Metrics at Your Fingertips

Get an instant overview of your most important KPIs through interactive dashboard widgets tailored specifically to your targets. Enhance data precision and relevance by incorporating additional data filters, allowing you to fine-tune your view for specific insights.

  • In-depth business performance data
  • Easy configuration
  • Customise widget layout
  • Filter data for specific insights

We found PerfectGym to be extremely user-friendly for all levels of people within the organisation. Everyone has visibility on the operational aspects that they need, and we couldn't have a system that's easier to manage and easier to run with.

Simplify Your Club's Financial Operations

Simplify Your Club's Financial Operations

Say goodbye to billing headaches. Automate invoicing, manage payments, and set up recurring billing for a hassle-free financial operation. Provide flexible payment options to cater to your members' preferences.

  • Integrate your club with leading payment providers
  • Streamline debt collection processes
  • Enable users to process payments anytime
  • Send payment links via email or SMS
  • Automate invoicing

PerfectGym gave us the opportunity to introduce recurring membership payments in the Kazakhstan fitness market and launch our Invictus GO chain. We opened our first 3 clubs in 3 years. After partnering with PerfectGym, we launched 20 clubs in just 4 years.

Simplify Your Club's Financial Operations
Employee Oversight

Drive Employee Success with Efficient Management

Elevate your employee management to drive success. With features ranging from access control and skill assignments to scheduling, commission distribution, and daily task assignments, our platform simplifies the complexities of employee oversight, ensuring operational efficiency with just a few clicks.

  • Improve the productivity of your team
  • Oversee your trainers' schedules and assign tasks
  • Manage salaries and distribute commissions
Your Success is Our Success

With PerfectGym by our side, we have been able to focus on what we do best – empowering our members to lead healthier lives. It has streamlined our operations, improved member experiences, and allowed us to grow and expand with confidence.

Tailored Configuration

Your Success is Our Success

Partner success is our top priority and we're here to support you throughout your journey. Our dedicated team will help you tailor every aspect of PerfectGym Manager to your fitness club's business model. From custom membership plans and contract commitments to automated renewals and product packages, we're here to make your vision a reality.

  • Dedicated customer support
  • Leverage our deep expertise for your success
  • Trusted by 1500+ facilities globally

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Ready to elevate your club’s performance? Our software is designed to help you maximise your business potential, whether it's through increasing memberships or streamlining operations. Schedule a demo now and take the first step towards transforming your fitness or leisure club into a thriving success.

Simplify Management, Achieve Operational Excellence

Make the smart choice with PerfectGym's fitness club software and redefine the way you manage your club. Streamline and automate time-consuming processes to concentrate on what truly matters, delivering outstanding member experiences and nurturing the growth of your vibrant fitness community.

Make confident, data-powered decisions with easy access to comprehensive reports on all your clubs' performance.

Improve business performance with instant insight into all your KPIs.

Automate payments, invoicing, and other administrative tasks for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

Boost employee productivity and satisfaction by assisting them in managing schedules, streamlining commissions and assigning tasks.

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