PG GO Mobile App

Establish a Strong Digital Presence and Engage Your Members

Discover new opportunities to connect with your members through the innovative PerfectGym GO app. Enhance their fitness journeys by granting them the ability to manage their memberships on mobile and seamlessly integrate smart equipment for setting, tracking, and sharing their accomplishments within the community.

More Users, More Active

Engage 99% of Your Members

Make your gym mobile app an essential part of your members’ fitness journey. PG GO is a powerful tool for increasing client engagement both inside and outside your club.

Maximise Gym Attendance

Ensure your members stay on track with their fitness goals. Keep them informed about upcoming classes and available slots, ensuring active participation.

Customise Your Branded Mobile App

Stand out in the digital landscape with a software solution that's truly yours. Customise PerfectGym’s white-label app with your logo and branded colours.

All Information in One Convenient Place

Thanks to the user-friendly UX of the app and Client Portal, members can manage their contracts on multiple devices. This is convenient for staff, especially during peak times when long queues form at the club's reception.

Membership Management

All Information in One Convenient Place

With the PG GO app, members gain a centralised hub to monitor their fitness journey, including workout tracking and equipment integration, goal progress, club visits, purchase history, class attendance, and more. With Club Finder, they can also search for other clubs' locations, opening hours and services offered.

  • Provide instant access to essential data
  • Enable membership management anytime and anywhere
  • Easy club finder for maximum convenience
  • Digital Member Card for quick customer identification
  • Capture members’ attention with dashboard campaign banners
Increase Attendance with Hassle-Free Reservations

After introducing the mobile application, we noted a rise in class attendance. An impressive 94% of our members are active app users, as they can book classes with a few screen finger taps.

Class & Personal Training Booking

Increase Attendance with Hassle-Free Reservations

Enable your mobile-first members to book, cancel, and pay for their preferred classes and personal training sessions directly within the app. Boost customer convenience by allowing them to effortlessly filter classes, check occupancy, and join waiting lists when sessions are full.

  • Simplify class and personal training payments and cancellation
  • Maximise class capacity with waiting lists
  • Real-time class availability
  • Family & Friends module allowing bookings for all persons linked to one account
Increase Attendance with Hassle-Free Reservations

Expand Revenue Opportunities Beyond Club Hours

Enable flexible transactions on mobile, from purchasing memberships and personal training sessions to browsing and buying products, all at your members’ fingertips. With in-app payment processing, your offerings are available for purchase 24/7, empowering seamless transactions at any time.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Usage and validity period tracking
  • Convenient payment options
Leverage the Power of Community
Referral Programs

Leverage the Power of Community

Encourage your members to spread their passion for fitness with their friends by rewarding them for every new member referred. Strengthen customer engagement and foster a supportive community that celebrates each other's fitness milestones, achieving an impressive 99% success rate for your referral campaigns.

  • Referral program integrated into the app
  • Boost member retention rates
  • Attract more potential customers
Keep Your Members Informed and Engaged

We use [the mobile app] to send push notification reminders for classes due to start and when the waitlist opens. It has already enhanced our business massively.

Push Notifications

Keep Your Members Informed and Engaged

Ensure your members are always up to date by sending them relevant and timely push notifications. Provide class reminders, exclusive promotions, contract renewal notices, club announcements, and motivational messages directly to their mobile devices.

  • Send timely, personalised messages
  • Encourage active engagement
  • Enhance member's overall satisfaction
Elevate Member Experience with QR Code Entry

The PerfectGym Mobile App has been adopted by 99% of our members. They love using the QR codes for access to the club and it has significantly decreased the amount of queue time at the front desk.

Access Control

Elevate Member Experience with QR Code Entry

Build an environment where members genuinely enjoy coming to work out! Enable them to effortlessly access the club anytime using a secure and convenient QR code system. Gain access to real-time data to track member entries, monitor visit trends, and remove unwanted access to decrease liability risk.

  • 24/7 fully automated club entry
  • Rotating QR code
  • Multi-zone access control
One App, an Ecosystem of Experiences

One App, an Ecosystem of Experiences

Transform your gym membership app into a comprehensive ecosystem. Elevate your mobile app's capabilities by seamlessly integrating it with wearables, equipment, other apps, and third-party tools for enhanced functionality and a competitive edge in the market.

  • A cutting-edge mobile platform
  • Access to real-time insights
  • Enhance member experiences
Empower Your Members to Reach Their Wellness Objectives

The app enables members to easily book classes, establish and track fitness goals, and make payments securely. It also provides convenient access to the club by allowing members to scan QR codes, eliminating the need for direct interaction with reception staff. This demonstrates how technology can enhance the experience of fitness club members.


Empower Your Members to Reach Their Wellness Objectives

Help your clients maintain high motivation levels and ensure regular club visits. PerfectGym GO allows members to set and track their fitness goals, whether it's calories burned, distance covered, or specific activities. With options for daily or weekly progress monitoring, seamless third-party app integrations for in-depth tracking, and smart equipment compatibility, you can simplify their path to goal achievement.

  • Set daily or weekly targets
  • Simplified tracking with third-party app integration
  • Smart equipment integrations
Encourage Member Interaction and Competition to Boost Visits
Perfect Score

Encourage Member Interaction and Competition to Boost Visits

Motivate your clients by enabling them to engage and compete with others, making their club experience more fun! By recognising and rewarding active members through points-based scoring, you not only encourage regular club visits but also foster a vibrant, close-knit, and more vibrant community.

  • Improve attendance
  • Foster a sense of community
  • Appreciate members' efforts

Get Started with PerfectGym Today

Elevate your digital maturity and provide convenience to your mobile-first clients. Schedule a demo to discover how the PerfectGym GO app can reduce your administrative costs while delivering superior experiences for your members.

Be Present Where Your Members Are

With PerfectGym GO, pursuing wellness goals becomes easy and enjoyable.

From workout scheduling to payments, provide your members with the convenience of managing all aspects of their memberships on the go.

Facilitate progress monitoring by seamlessly integrating your branded mobile app with the ecosystem of member-favoured applications and smart equipment.

Empower your members to become your brand advocates through referral programs.

Strengthen the community by enabling members to inspire one another in the quest for achieving a Perfect Score.

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