Automation & Marketing

Stay Connected with Your Members

Make your offerings more convenient and human-focused. Automate everyday communication tasks for members to increase engagement and retention rates.

Automate, Engage, Succeed

Save Time and Focus on What Matters

Streamline communication tasks like reminders, confirmations and event messages to invest more time in serving your members where and when they need you most.

Achieve 22% Increase in Class Attendance

Enhance your business revenue by leveraging automated real-time notifications. Inform members about class availability, schedules, openings and any class changes.

Make Your Members Stay 15 Months Longer

Keep them motivated and committed to their fitness goals by reaching out during periods of inactivity. Encourage to return and foster long-term loyalty through personalised communication.

Reach Your Members
Anywhere, Anytime
Automated Communication

Reach Your Members Anywhere, Anytime

Connect with your members through multiple channels, including emails, push notifications, and SMS alerts. Stay in touch with them throughout the lifetime of their contract, ensuring they remain engaged and inspired on their fitness journey.

  • Personalised emails
  • Push notifications
  • SMS alerts
Build Stronger Connections
and Increase Engagement

We use the Automation Centre for pretty much everything. Welcome emails when joining, notifications on class booking, waitlist, class availability, payment reminders, facility booking confirmation, cancellation notices etc.

Smart Campaigns

Build Stronger Connections and Increase Engagement

Create smart campaigns that automatically send targeted messages for any situation, from membership payment confirmations to motivational emails aimed at bringing inactive members back to the gym.

  • Welcome new members
  • Confirm successful payments
  • Send class booking confirmations
  • Remind of registered classes
  • Inform about special offers
Send Personalised 

Customers have said they are pleased they now get confirmation on things like bookings and enrolments whereas before they didn’t, so now it gives them peace of mind.

Customer Segments & Tags

Send Personalised Communication

Enhance your member engagement by effectively tagging and grouping them based on their activities, behaviour and other personal information. Deliver targeted messages and promotions, making every communication feel personalised and relevant to each of your clients.

  • Create your own automation rules
  • Craft message templates
  • Customise messages by various tags
Attract Prospects and 
Retain Members
Coupons & Vouchers

Attract Prospects and Retain Members

Boost your marketing efforts with our easy-to-create coupons and voucher codes. Provide discounts, free merchandise, special contracts, or exclusive products, all designed to entice both potential and current members.

  • Easy voucher configuration
  • Generated automatically or manually
  • Multiple activation options (POSweb, Client Portal, Kiosk, API)

We use the Automation Centre to reach our member engagement and retention goals. Thanks to this feature, we have seen customer retention growth of around 60%.

Keep Your Members

Keep Your Members Up-to-date

Stay connected with your members and keep them informed about all the exciting updates. Deliver professional-looking newsletters that reinforce your club's image and keep your customers engaged with relevant updates.

  • Decide on frequency
  • Select the right communication channels
  • Target specific segments

Engaging with our members through emails has never been easier. We can effortlessly keep them informed about upcoming events, exciting promotions, and important updates. This has enabled us to build stronger relationships with our members, making them feel valued and connected to the Level Up Fitness community.

Ensure Smooth Operations
Trainer & Staff Notifications

Ensure Smooth Operations

Streamline your fitness club's operations with automated trainer and staff notifications. Ensure that your team stays on top of their schedules with timely updates about upcoming events and appointments.

  • Efficient schedule management
  • Real-time updates
  • Enhanced communication with staff
Reward Your Loyal Members
Loyalty Program

Reward Your Loyal Members

Reward dedicated members for regular and on-time fee payments, active usage of the Client Portal, referring to a friend and more. Let them redeem their accumulated Loyalty points for goods, services, or discounts available within your club.

  • Track your members expense habits
  • Generate an extra income
  • Grow your fitness community

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Send the Right Message at the Right Time

Club automation might seem challenging, but with Perfect Gym's Automation Center, you're in complete control of delivering personalised messages to your clients. Keep them informed at the levels they desire, enhancing their fitness journey with timely and relevant communication.

Make a lasting first impression with a warm welcome email when new members join your club.

Recognise your members' dedication with automated loyalty points when they complete personal training sessions.

Ensure your members never miss a class by sending them automated notifications about upcoming sessions.

Retarget churned members with special deals and promotions tailored to their preferences.

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