Point of Sale

Deliver a Seamless Front Desk Experience

Discharge queues, provide top-notch customer service and improve efficiency with an easy-to-learn reception application. POS system is the all-in-one answer for your fitness or leisure facility management needs.

Process, Integrate, Accelerate

Enhance Member & Staff Experience

Drive customer satisfaction with quick member and administrative processing for the utmost convenience and experience.

Say Goodbye to Long Queues

Keep your members happy and queues short with our Point-Of-Sale module, which simplifies processes, making check-ins, and transactions quick and painless.

Make Data-Driven Decisions to Fuel Growth

Enjoy a fully integrated system, seamlessly consolidating all data and providing comprehensive reports on sales, bookings, contract payments, and more.

Easily Add New Members and Guests

It is a big advantage that the system is intuitive and easy to use. We have over 600 employees, and we are growing fast. PerfectGym makes launching new locations much easier.

Client Registration

Easily Add New Members and Guests

Enhance the efficiency of your registration process with POS software that seamlessly integrates with various hardware components. Process discounts, distribute gifts and starter packages effortlessly, and assign cards or wristbands with ease.

  • Streamlined registration
  • Effortless discount processing
  • Gift and starter package distribution made easy
  • Seamless card and wristband assignment
Reduce the Risk of Unauthorised Entries
Secure Access Control

Reduce the Risk of Unauthorised Entries

Strengthen your club's security and safeguard your profits. Utilise advanced access control methods, including card or wristband readers, barcode scanners, QR code access, or fingerprint scanners to ensure only authorised members can enter the club.

  • Manage access control
  • Track attendance
  • Set entry limits
  • Locker management
Book Activities with Just One Click
Facility, Class & PT Booking

Book Activities with Just One Click

Easily enrol members in various activities, including Classes, Personal Training sessions, and Courses, while also managing Facility Bookings. Effortlessly assign them to specific clubs, search for signed-up participants, and confirm attendance – all in just a few clicks.

  • Effortless enrolment
  • Hassle-free member tracking
  • Seamlessly manage member bookings
Sales & Stock Monitoring
Stock Monitoring

Sales & Stock Monitoring

Create a seamless buyer-seller interaction. Boost your front desk revenue by intelligently identifying up-sell opportunities and suggesting complementary products or upgrades at the right time.

  • Quick and secured payments
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Up-selling opportunities
Access, Use and Store All the Data in One Place

It’s incredible to see how a system can generate exciting and useful data to improve the quality of service and products.


Access, Use and Store All the Data in One Place

Consolidate all Point-of-Sale compatible hardware devices into a single platform to streamline operations, speed up daily member support tasks, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

  • Card readers
  • Cash register & Fiscal printers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Card printers
  • Signature tablets
  • ID scanners
  • Fingerprint readers
  • Credit card payment terminal
  • Drink dispensers
Improve Information Flow and Customer Service

POSweb helps to streamline and give members a better experience. When somebody checks into our gym, you can see their name flagged up on a screen, which allows us to welcome them properly.

Member Profile

Improve Information Flow and Customer Service

Effortlessly navigate member profiles, whether within a specific club or across the entire database. Access essential details, communicate through user notes, view transaction history, and manage personal data, all in one intuitive interface.

  • Monitor product usage
  • Document management
  • Grant or restrict club access
  • Transaction history
Elevate Client Experience with Tailored Suggestions
Product Recommendations

Elevate Client Experience with Tailored Suggestions

Our Business Intelligence module seamlessly integrates with your Point-of-Sale system, delivering automatic, personalised recommendations for activities and products, which your member might like or need right at your reception desk.

  • Personalised recommendations
  • Increase revenue and profitability
  • Operational efficiency

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Ready to create a reception area that fosters exceptional member and staff experiences? Explore how our solutions can transform your club's front desk into a hub of efficiency and engagement.

Caring for Members, Empowering Staff

Point-of-sale (POS) systems offer more than simple transactions – they are pivotal in enhancing your club's profitability and operational efficiency. Choose PerfectGym's digital POS solution to boost member spending and streamline administrative processes, ensuring financial success for your fitness business.

Bid farewell to long queues. Streamline member sign-up and check-in processes for a quick and easy start to their gym experience.

Equip your staff with the capability to efficiently manage bookings, handle billing and process payments via a modern POS system, delivering convenience to both your team and members.

Boost your club's financial success with efficient sales and stock monitoring, offering up-selling opportunities for increased member spending.

Get valuable insights into attendance trends, popular time slots, and member preferences to develop growth strategies and optimise revenue streams.

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