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Boost Your Brand's Performance

Be a part of our industry ecosystem. Benefit from our Open API and multiply strategic partnerships with leading providers. Have all the software and hardware capabilities you need to boost your brand's performance, streamline daily operations, and ensure members' satisfaction.

Your Platform, Your Rules, Your Integrations

Centralised Data for Success

Discover the advantage of seamlessly consolidating your hardware and software integrations within the PerfectGym platform. Gain valuable insights into client and club performance across various interactions, enhancing your business.

Enhance Your Member Experience

Harness the power of an extensive digital ecosystem to offer diverse, enriching fitness journeys, engaging your members, and opening up new avenues for their fitness satisfaction.

Get Full Control with our Open API

Use our open API to connect the PerfectGym platform to your existing applications and software modules for complete control, empowering you to tailor your services to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Achieve a Remarkable 97% Success Rate with Recurring Payments

Integration with other software pieces was our ambition at Rubicon. Debit collection from GoCardless, cash collection from Stripe, and seamless API connections enable us to connect this broader digital network and deliver an exceptional member experience.

Payments Integrations

Achieve a Remarkable 97% Success Rate with Recurring Payments

Elevate your members' payment experience. Our integrations with top-notch payment service providers worldwide ensure that direct billing becomes a natural and hassle-free aspect of the PerfectGym platform. Choose from, Stripe, GoCardless, EZYPAY, PayU, and many more.

  • Renowned payment service providers worldwide
  • Easily connect with payment providers specific to your country
  • Offer a range of convenient payment methods
Create a Member-Focused Fitness Environment
Equipment Integrations

Create a Member-Focused Fitness Environment

Enhance your fitness facility, providing a comprehensive and dynamic fitness experience for your members. PerfectGym seamlessly integrates with top third-party fitness equipment providers, such as Milon, TechnoGym, Precor, LifeFitness, and more.

  • Synchronised data between the device and the management system
  • Allow members to track their activity progress
  • Customise the front desk interface
  • Take care of members' privacy
Keep Full Integration Across Multiple Devices

Our members can effortlessly visit any of our new or existing Level Up Fitness gyms at any time, 24 hours, even outside regular staff hours. With just a simple scan of their RFID cards at the doors, PerfectGym quickly verifies their good standing, and the doors unlock, welcoming them to their workout sessions.

Hardware Integrations

Keep Full Integration Across Multiple Devices

Stay ahead of the curve by embracing innovative technology and creating a seamless experience for your members. Use our Open API to effortlessly connect with a wide array of hardware devices, ensuring your fitness facility stays fully integrated and future-proofed.

  • Access control systems (turnstiles, card readers, biometric system)
  • RFID RFID & Barcode
  • Digipads
  • Locker systems
  • All-in-one smart terminals
Acquire More Members and Boost Revenue

Tableau is powering all of our Business Intelligence capabilities, AWS is our cloud infrastructure, holding our middleware and machine learning applications, too. We gather all of our data from PerfectGym to feed it into our BI systems, which enables us to build our strategies.

Data Analytics Integrations

Acquire More Members and Boost Revenue

Transform your data into actionable insights. With our dedicated partners, you get a range of tools needed to attract and retain more members, optimise operations, and boost revenue. Take the plunge into data analytics to unlock your fitness business's full potential.

  • 4Global
  • FitnessKPI
  • Conduit
  • Keepme
  • European Data Hub
  • Success Play
Give Your Members Choice and Control
Third-Party Apps Integrations

Give Your Members Choice and Control

Transform your members' fitness journeys by allowing them to choose from a variety of third-party apps like Virtuagym, Myzone, FunXtion, ClassPass, Technogym, and more. Empower them to customise their workouts and track their progress with ease.

  • Unified fitness ecosystem
  • Progress tracking possibilities
  • Increase in engagement rates
  • Attract tech-savvy new members

Two significant aspects where we extensively use PerfectGym are the API and Webhooks. These provide us with live data, empowering our backend systems. The rating I would give on the API is extremely high because of the speed and the support that we've had from PerfectGym. We've had zero downtime, which has been fantastic for us because we're heavily relying on data.

Foster Greater Member Engagement and Loyalty
Wearables Integrations

Foster Greater Member Engagement and Loyalty

Integrate wearable technology to provide members with an immersive fitness experience, creating a holistic fitness journey and allowing them to track their progress and achieve their fitness goals more effectively.

  • Help members stay on course
  • Keep them motivated
  • Higher retention rates
  • Long-term loyalty
Improve Business Exposure and Reach More Members
Aggregators Integrations

Improve Business Exposure and Reach More Members

Get your business listed on top wellness and fitness platforms that aggregate fitness services and activities. Benefit from increased exposure to a broader audience and maximise class capacity for higher revenue potential.

  • Get your business listed on ClassPass, EGYM WellPass, Wellhub, and more
  • Access a wider audience
  • Fill more class spots
  • Boost your reputation and credibility
Improve Business Exposure and Reach More Members
Business Tools Integrations

Evolve Without Compromising

You don't have to part ways with your favourite business tools. While PerfectGym offers a comprehensive set of solutions for all business needs, it enables you to keep using the programs you know and like.

  • Improve operational efficiency by integrating familiar tools
  • Easily scale your business operations
  • Maintain the flexibility and make your own choices

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Build Your Own Digital Ecosystem

In today's digital age, the key to thriving in the fitness industry is building your own digital ecosystem. With PerfectGym's cutting-edge integrations and open API, you can seamlessly connect, customise, and create a powerful digital hub tailored to your business needs.

Gain a consolidated view of your fitness business through centralised and integrated data from different sources in one place.

Explore endless possibilities with PerfectGym's open API, empowering you to innovate on your terms.

Unleash fresh opportunities to captivate your members and boost retention through exciting integrations with a diverse array of third-party apps.

Safeguard your profits with a robust access control system and streamlined payment processes.

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