Manage, Track and Secure Every Payment with One Powerful Platform

Discover innovative payment solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes, spanning the globe. PerfectGym revolutionises the way you handle transactions, ensuring seamless, secure and convenient experiences for both you and your customers.

Convenience, Security, Innovation

Experience 88% Growth in Membership Sales

Drive customer acquisition and loyalty with a diverse range of hassle-free payment options. Let your members pay for memberships in a manner that suits them best.

Achieve Up To 97% Rate of Successful Recurring Payments

Safeguard your revenue by automatically collecting membership fees, guaranteeing their smooth and timely delivery.

Top-Tier Security
<span>and User Comfort</span>

Top-Tier Security and User Comfort

We ensure the highest security standards for all of our payment processing and are ISO27001 certified. All your financial data and transactions are protected, encrypted, and stored securely.

Take Payments Anywhere, Anytime

Integration with other software pieces was our ambition at Rubicon. Debit collection from GoCardless, cash collection from Stripe, and seamless API connections enable us to connect this broader digital network and deliver an exceptional member experience.

Various Payment Methods

Take Payments Anywhere, Anytime

Diversify your payment options and capture revenue from anywhere, anytime. PerfectGym allows you to accept payments through a range of convenient methods (credit cards, cash, bank transfers, direct debits, and more), whether it's online, via the mobile app, at the kiosk, or directly at reception.

  • Cater to the diverse preferences of your customers
  • Effortless payment collection
  • Enhance your operational efficiency
Elevate Your Members' Payment Experience

PerfectGym allowed us to build our own middleware software, use Telr for our payment gateways, and integrate that seamlessly across.

Trusted Payment Providers

Elevate Your Members' Payment Experience

Rest assured, your payments are in expert hands. At PerfectGym, we collaborate with leading payment providers worldwide, allowing you to serve customers in diverse regions. Our extensive network of partners includes Stripe, GoCardless, Ezypay, Pay-U, and more.

  • Various payment providers worldwide
  • Safe and secure financial transactions
  • Easy new market expansion
Grow Revenue and Build Trust
Online Payments

Grow Revenue and Build Trust

Prioritise your customers' convenience by providing them with a straightforward and secure payment process. Accept credit and debit cards from major organisations, process SEPA Direct Debit transfers, and handle payments in your preferred currency. Receive remittances the day after payments are made, ensuring your business maintains a healthy cash flow.

  • Simple, comfortable and secure transactions
  • 150+ currencies available
  • One-click payments via your Mobile app or Client Portal
Seamlessly Manage Recurring Payments

Seamlessly Manage Recurring Payments

Say goodbye to chasing payments. PerfectGym automates the collection of recurring payments, ensuring that your revenue arrives on time, every time. This eliminates payment-related hassles and streamlines your financial operations.

  • Reduce administrative workload
  • On-time payments
  • Consistent and reliable income stream
Secure Your Finances and Protect Your Business

The capability to link credit cards to an account and convenient payment integrations allows us to seamlessly collect debt from club members' accounts, which is suitable for us and our members. Additionally, the auto-renewal feature for contracts ensures a continuation of payments, allowing uninterrupted access to all club member benefits.

Debt Collection

Secure Your Finances and Protect Your Business

Transform your debt collection process to drive efficiency and revenue. With PerfectGym, you gain a comprehensive set of tools for managing overdue payments, ensuring timely recovery, and maximizing financial control.

  • Automate the progression of debt collection stages
  • Improve cash flow by shortening debt periods
  • Send timely reminders to indebted members
  • Add penalties for overdue payments

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Revolutionise your payment processes and delight your customers! Explore how PerfectGym can transform your payment processes into a hassle-free and efficient solution that boosts member satisfaction.

Payment Solutions that Put You in Control

Get rid of operational difficulties, payment delays and customer dissatisfaction. Step into the future of business management with PerfectGym and experience the difference today. Streamline your financial processes, unlock new revenue streams, and elevate customer relationships.

Offer memberships with convenient payment choices, either online or in-person at the club.

Ensure timely and accurate subscription charges, boosting your revenue stream and financial stability.

Automatically send timely payment reminders to members, reducing missed payments and enhancing cash flow.

Efficiently manage and take control of accounts in arrears, making it easier to keep your club's finances on track.

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