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Enhance the Efficiency of Your Trainers Daily Work

Improve your club members' satisfaction and retention by boosting your trainers' productivity and helping them stay organised. PerfectGym Pro App is a mobile app designed specifically for club employees to help them access and enter relevant data on the go.

Motivate, Assist, Improve

Set Your Team Up For Success

Make trainers and instructors’ work easier and more efficient with the ultimate solution, tailor-made for fitness professionals to enter and access data on the go.

Boost Your Trainers Productivity

Empower your trainers to effortlessly manage their dynamic schedules with the PerfectGym Pro App, granting them instant access to vital information right at their fingertips.

Provide Exceptional Experiences

Reduce admin work and let them focus on what really matters – enhancing members' experiences through improved customer interaction and skill development.

Effortless Management of Daily Activities
My Schedule

Effortless Management of Daily Activities

Empower your gym's operational efficiency with the PerfectGym Pro App, making it easy for your trainers to stay on track. Grant them with quick and convenient access to their daily schedules, including upcoming classes and personal training sessions. Detailed information, such as start times, durations, booked spots, cities, club names, and zones, is at their fingertips.

  • Schedule accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Easy management of daily activities
  • Improve operational efficiency
Simplify Class Flow Planning and Attendance Management
Class Details

Simplify Class Flow Planning and Attendance Management

No more struggling with manual tracking or paperwork! With the Pro App, your fitness professionals can efficiently plan class routines, effortlessly monitor attendance, and seamlessly manage participants. They have access to essential information, including class descriptions, locations, and start times. Furthermore, they can add participants, mark attendance, and preview first-timers.

  • No more manual tracking and paperwork
  • Seamless management of participants
  • Enhanced member experience
Manage Sessions and Access Members’ Info
Personal Training Management

Manage Sessions and Access Members’ Info

Make it simple to manage personal training sessions and allow your trainers to focus on what really matters – delivering a high-quality workout to your clients. Provide them with instant access to essential member details, including names, contact details, and booked sessions.

  • Add, mark as complete, or cancel PT sessions
  • Access essential client data
  • View session notes to keep up to date
Enhance Member Experiences Through Valuable Feedback
My Rating

Enhance Member Experiences Through Valuable Feedback

Ensure your members are getting the most out of their training by offering them the opportunity to review and rate their workout experiences. By segmenting your trainers' ratings into overall performance, as well as specific companies and classes they teach, you can harness this feedback to pinpoint areas of excellence and areas for improvement.

  • Enhance your staff skills
  • Elevate member trust
  • Ensure high-quality service
Get Real-Time Club Activity Insights
Who Is In

Get Real-Time Club Activity Insights

Optimise your staff's interactions with members on the gym floor by equipping them with essential information at their fingertips. Give them access to the current list of present members to seamlessly connect with them, warmly greet newcomers, and offer timely assistance. Remain proactive and attentive to members' needs, ensuring a positive and supportive environment for everyone.

  • Foster member relationships
  • Create a supportive environment
  • Provide timely assistance
Unlock Essential Customer Insights
Member Profile

Unlock Essential Customer Insights

The Pro App empowers instructors with a wealth of customer insights. This includes comprehensive member profiles with details like photos, names, ages, contact information, current membership status, and notes. With this valuable information, they can effortlessly tailor interactions by saving notes and revisiting previous engagements, ensuring a consistent and personalised approach during all gym interactions.

  • Provide efficient support and assistance
  • Save time and increase efficiency
  • Build stronger relationships

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The PerfectGym Pro App is more than just a mobile application. It's a game-changer meticulously designed to empower your club employees and elevate your fitness business to new heights.

Equip your trainers with a powerful solution that resides right in their pockets – installed on their mobile phones and accessible whenever they need it.

Help your trainers allocate their time efficiently, reducing scheduling conflicts and ensuring they're always in the right place at the right time.

Harness valuable member feedback to continuously improve your services, ensuring a top-notch experience for every client.

Prioritise member satisfaction and reduce churn by providing exceptional services that keep your members coming back for more.

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