Facility Booking

Take Control of Your Reservations and Elevate Member Experience

Discover the ultimate solution for managing reservations at your gym, leisure centre, or sports facility. Take control of your bookings across various zones, courts, and pitches to streamline processes, simplify ticketing and improve the customer experience.

Your Zones, Your Rules

Tailored Booking Experience

Take full control and craft a booking experience that aligns perfectly with your unique business requirements. Define your own rules and shape the process to suit your needs.

From Booking to Revenue

Generate consistent passive revenue through online bookings and payments, ensuring a continuous influx of new business opportunities.

Less Effort, More Control

Seamlessly integrate bookings with your access control, granting you the authority to define zone access rules based on contract types, time of day, permissions, and more.

Empower Your Members with Ultimate Convenience
Online & On-Site Booking

Empower Your Members with Ultimate Convenience

With PerfectGym, you can seamlessly integrate booking options into your Point of Sale and website. This provides your customers with the power to reserve facilities at their convenience, whether they're at your club or browsing from home. With just a few clicks, they can select their preferred facility with the available time slot and confirm booking.

  • Elevate the member experience
  • Offer seamless facility booking options
  • Available anywhere, anytime
Never Overbook Again
Capacity Management

Never Overbook Again

Gain access to your facility's capacity and available time slots with ease to ensure you're never caught in an overbooking dilemma. Our system provides you with simple, intuitive visualisations to prevent overcrowding. It also validates spot availability in real-time during online bookings, minimising the risk of double reservations and ensuring a seamless payment process.

  • Real-time information on facility availability
  • Maximise the utilisation of every available spot
  • Simplify the process of managing bookings
Provide Flexible, Long-Term Reservations
Multi-Zone & Recurring Booking

Provide Flexible, Long-Term Reservations

Extend the power of choice to your customers, enabling them to reserve their preferred slots for multiple days, weeks, or even months in a single booking transaction. PerfectGym’s recurring booking feature provides them with the flexibility to secure long-term bookings, fortifying your business's revenue stream.

  • Steady and predictable revenue
  • Effectively manage facility usage
  • Increase member convenience
Easily Manage Zone-Specific Ticket Sales
Simple Ticketing System

Easily Manage Zone-Specific Ticket Sales

Streamline ticket sales for specific zones and events with a quick, cashless online payment process and automatic ticket confirmation. PerfectGym system enables you to sell tickets corresponding to specific time periods, providing your members with convenient access to each area or facility.

  • Simple purchase process
  • Automatic ticket confirmation
  • Time-specific access
Tailored Zone Access Management
Access Control

Tailored Zone Access Management

Effortlessly manage access to specific zones through door reader access control, with rules linked to member contracts and product packages. Whether it is granting access or restricting it, you have complete control over who enters which zones.

  • Improve facility security
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorised entry
  • Automate access management
Maximise Your Business Secondary Spending
Add-ons Sale

Maximise Your Business Secondary Spending

Boost your secondary revenue streams by offering add-ons as part of the facility booking process. Allow your members to conveniently purchase supplementary products, including special gear, apparel, ball rentals, and even delightful birthday items like cakes and pizza, all in tandem with specific zones. This not only elevates the member experience but also fortifies your bottom line.

  • Expand your revenue sources
  • Broaden your service offerings
  • Quick and easy purchase process
Make The Payment Process Quick and Straightforward
Effortless Payments

Make The Payment Process Quick and Straightforward

Simplify your clients' payment experience with different payment methods and streamlined processing. Members can effortlessly add products and services to their shopping carts and proceed directly to the payment gateway, ensuring a hassle-free, secure, and efficient transaction.

  • Payments in advance, in arrears, or on booking date
  • Reduce the likelihood of abandoned transactions
  • Smooth and integrated payment experience

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Make Your Facility Booking Easy and Hassle-Free

Empower your fitness business with our innovative facility booking module, ensuring that your customers can effortlessly reserve specific spots within your facility. Effortlessly manage bookings for a multitude of spaces within your facility, ensuring you can cater to your customers' diverse needs.

Simplify the entire process of facility booking with PerfectGym, making it a breeze to handle reservations and optimise your club's utilisation.

Seamlessly manage bookings across a variety of spaces, ensuring that your facility is as dynamic as your members' preferences.

Offer your members a user-friendly online booking system complete with secure payments for added peace of mind.

Grant or restrict access to your club to ensure that only authorized entries occur, boosting security and compliance.

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