Digitally Transform Your Business

Build Agile and Forward-Thinking Business

Digital transformation is no longer a north star in the fitness and leisure industry. It is the baseline allowing forward-thinking companies to excel in the dynamic market. With PerfectGym’s advanced gym management system, you will stay at the forefront of technological progress, ensuring your business remains agile and competitive.

Integrate, Transform, Innovate

Build a Digital-Forward Brand

Establish a strong digital presence by implementing advanced technologies that help you bridge the physical and digital realms across all devices and locations.

One Platform, Broad Ecosystem

Use our open software to integrate seamlessly with third-party apps, hardware, and smart equipment to unlock more opportunities for members to engage with your club.

Trusted Partner for Your Business

Don’t let your current management system hold you back. Our scalable open platform has all you need to realise your club’s full potential.

Unlock the World of Digital Experiences

Our whole ecosystem is built around PerfectGym. We use open API to connect our mobile app and payment systems, and we plan to introduce e-commerce to sell branded merchandise.

Open API

Unlock the World of Digital Experiences

Don't just adapt to the evolving digital landscape; lead the way with the freedom and flexibility of an open platform. Design and customise your integrations to enrich your club's offerings, opening the door to endless possibilities for innovation and collaboration.

  • Connect your existing apps and software modules to the platform
  • Offer diverse fitness experiences
  • Streamline daily operations
  • Improve business performance
Embrace A Member-First, Digital-Forward Ecosystem

Integration with other software pieces was our ambition at Rubicon. Debit collection from GoCardless, cash collection from Stripe, and seamless API connections enable us to connect this broader digital network and deliver an exceptional member experience.


Embrace A Member-First, Digital-Forward Ecosystem

PerfectGym integrates with top third-party fitness equipment providers, hardware, and apps, allowing members to customise their fitness journey. We are dedicated to building an ecosystem that not only caters to the needs of your club members but also propels your brand into a connected world of technological opportunities.

  • Enrich club experience with wellness app integrations
  • Offer a range of convenient payment methods
  • Integrate with hardware to ensure a seamless member journey
  • Become a brand of choice
Supercharge Your Strategy with Advanced Analytics

Together with PerfectGym’s implementation, we fundamentally changed how we operate and deliver value to our customers. PerfectGym has strengthened our analytics muscles with its data quality and consistency.

BI & Analytics

Supercharge Your Strategy with Advanced Analytics

Business intelligence serves as the catalyst for digital transformation, providing valuable insights extracted from data enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning. By connecting BI tools to the platform, you will get sales predictions, forecasts, and recommendations to make informed, data-driven decisions.

  • Access advanced reports on your business performance
  • Save time with easy-to-navigate dashboards
  • Identify patterns and trends to improve your strategy
Provide an Omnichannel Experience to Your Mobile-First Members

The app enables members to easily book classes, establish and track fitness goals, and make payments securely. It also provides convenient access to the club by allowing members to scan QR codes, eliminating the need for direct interaction with reception staff. This demonstrates how technology can enhance the experience of fitness club members.

Mobile App

Provide an Omnichannel Experience to Your Mobile-First Members

In a world where everything is a few clicks away, ensure your club is accessible anytime and anywhere. With PerfectGym’s white-label app, members can interact with your brand on their smartphones and manage all aspects of memberships conveniently on the go.

  • Engage more members with your branded mobile app
  • Maximise class capacity with bookings and cancellations on the go
  • Simplify payments, access, and check-ins
  • Send timely, personalised messages
  • Get more members with the referral program
Leverage Personalisation for Business Success

Leverage Personalisation for Business Success

Members expect personalised interactions and are more inclined to stay loyal to a brand that meets their expectations. PerfectGym’s Automation Centre enables the creation of intelligent campaigns along with personalised incentives for a special experience that forges a deeper connection with members.

  • Send relevant, personalised communication to your members
  • Build stronger connections with smart campaigns
  • Keep members motivated and committed
  • Retain your members for 15 months longer on average

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Are You Ready For the Future of Wellness?

Digital transformation might seem complex, but with PerfectGym's open platform, you will be empowered to thrive in the rapidly evolving wellness industry.

PerfectGym's software simplifies the management of wellness businesses, from single studios to large international chains. With centralised club management, you can confidently optimise operational basics.

Store all your club data on a secure cloud platform that is ISO 27001 certified. Provide members with a safe, user-friendly client portal and mobile app for convenient membership management across all devices.

Stay connected with your members in a broad digital ecosystem through an open platform allowing to connect your brand with the apps and hardware your members use.

Benefit from our multiple strategic partnerships with leading providers. Create an exceptional membership journey and build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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