Boost Member Retention

Nurture Long Memberships for Better Business Results

Achieving and maintaining member retention is the holy grail for fitness operators, as long memberships ensure a steady revenue stream, allowing for sustainable business growth. Perfect Gym's customer retention tools will empower you to build long-lasting relationships by maintaining member dedication and loyalty to your brand.

Nurture, Retain, Grow

Higher Retention, Higher Revenue

A 5% increase in customer retention rates can lead to a profit increase of 25%-95% through compounded sales and increased customer lifetime value.

Cut Costs by up to 95%

Acquiring new customers is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. By improving retention, you can save up to 95% of the cost!

Build the Brand of Choice

Building loyal relationships with members strengthens your brand's reputation and drives long-term success in the fitness and leisure industry.

Increase Average Membership Duration by 15 Months

We use the Automation Centre to reach our member engagement and retention goals. Thanks to this feature, we have seen customer retention growth of around 60%.

Automation Centre

Increase Average Membership Duration by 15 Months

Stay in touch with your members on a personal level to keep them excited and committed at all times. Building and nurturing these connections throughout their entire membership journey will ensure their long-term dedication and loyalty to your brand.

  • Personalised emails
  • Push notifications
  • SMS alerts
  • Send special offers and discounts
Reach Your Members Anywhere

After introducing the mobile application, we noted a rise in class attendance. An impressive 94% of our members are active app users, as they can book classes with a few screen finger taps.

Mobile App

Reach Your Members Anywhere

Consistency is key when pursuing fitness goals, and the Perfect Gym GO mobile app is your secret weapon to combat membership attrition. When life's challenges prevent members from visiting the gym, even a short break can quickly lead to a lost membership. Keep your members motivated by sending them reminders, incentives, referrals, and more!

  • Encourage active engagement
  • Set daily or weekly fitness targets
  • Track goals and compete with the club community
  • Enhance member's overall satisfaction
Provide Maximum Convenience with Self-Service Solutions

The capability to link credit cards to an account and convenient payment integrations allows us to seamlessly collect debt from club members' accounts, which is suitable for us and our members. Additionally, the auto-renewal feature for contracts ensures a continuation of payments, allowing uninterrupted access to all club member benefits.

Client Portal & Kiosk

Provide Maximum Convenience with Self-Service Solutions

Empower your members to independently manage all aspects of their club memberships without the need for reception staff assistance. Automate administrative hassles and allow them to enjoy an uninterrupted fitness journey.

  • Simplify membership management
  • Set recurring membership payments
  • Enable automatic contract renewals
Offer Your Members More Experiences Than Ever
Integrations & Open API

Offer Your Members More Experiences Than Ever

Expand your digital ecosystem to give your members access to the world of experiences and enable them to connect with their favourite apps and hardware to enrich their fitness journey. Offer convenient payment options, ensuring seamless billing and an uninterrupted member experience.

  • Build your digital ecosystem on our open platform
  • Create a member-focused fitness environment
  • Enable convenient billing options
  • Integrate with top third-party fitness equipment
  • Connect with the apps your members love
Boost Your Trainers’ Motivation and Performance
Pro App

Boost Your Trainers’ Motivation and Performance

Make sure that your trainers and instructors are at the top of their game by providing them with a tool that makes their work easier and more efficient. Strengthen connections between trainers and clients, ultimately boosting member retention.

  • Manage schedules seamlessly across all clubs in one place
  • Access advanced reports and member data
  • Ensure a high-quality service for higher member retention
Identify and Retain Members at Risk of Churning

We decided to choose Perfect Gym for many reasons. The most important is the ability to generate reports to read data and the simplicity of doing this. The goals we aim to achieve with the Perfect Gym partnership are to use the data to listen to our clients to reach out to them, and to scale our business.

BI & Analytics

Identify and Retain Members at Risk of Churning

Effectively address churn risks by accessing actionable insights into member engagement, consolidated from all your clubs into an intuitive, centralised platform. Perfect Gym enables integrations with Business Intelligence tools, allowing to leverage machine learning algorithms to retain members based on accumulated behavioural data.

  • Access advanced reports with instant insights
  • Retain members before they decide to leave
  • Save the cost of acquiring new customers

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Build a Strong And Motivated Community

Tap into the potential of your customers to scale your brand effectively. Build a strong and motivated community with Perfect Gym's advanced solutions designed to identify and retain members for your brand's sustainable growth.

Make sure that members can enjoy an uninterrupted club experience with self-service solutions and automated membership administration tasks.

Understand your clients’ needs with detailed reports on their behaviour, timely targeting members at risk of churn with automated communication.

Reach your members with email, SMS and push notifications to keep them informed and motivated to pursue their fitness objectives.

Provide members with a mobile app where they can socialise and celebrate fitness milestones, engage and compete with others and invite friends to join the club.

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