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5 excuses NOT to go to the gym…and how to fight them

It is astonishing with what consequence and determination people often fight before starting any physical activity.

5 excuses NOT to go to the gym…and how to fight them

It is astonishing with what consequence and determination people often fight before starting any physical activity. If these motivations were to do the training the effects would probably be impressive. The material presented below can be super useful for your sales force to be more persuasive. You can also use this insight while building your marketing communication and targeting most popular excuses people think of. Apart from just excuses I am trying to present here the kind of thinking that stands behind them so it is easier to tackle the problem later. If I were you, I would also check all the comments and opinions left and collected by personal trainers and the reception staff in your PerfectGym management system – probably you can find so much more.

I have no time!

Classic, right? People often say that but the truth is that if you care about something you can always find time. So what's the problem? People should start thinking that training is needed, like brushing teeth for example. For all the reasons you can think of: health, personal hygiene, well-being. When people understand it, it is easy to find time and distinguish between pleasure and regular effort. Present it as a great escape from everyday life. For a moment you can forget the things that keep your mind busy. You reduce stress, forget about trouble, improve your mood, and even exercise your body! Eureka!

I'm slim - I do not have to practice!

Nothing more wrong! Training is not just about losing weight and burning fat. It is true though that most people start regular physical activity and take up training because they fight unwanted kilograms. Fortunately more and more of them start to understand that being fit is much more. Other health advantages, just to name few, are:

  • Prevention of heart disease
  • Prevention of osteoporosis
  • Reduction of level of ‘bad’ cholesterol and increase of ‘good’ one
  • Improving flexibility of the body
  • Improving muscle tone
  • Stabilization of spine
  • Mood improvement - associated with increased secretion of endorphins
  • Stress reduction

Loud rhythmic music - it's not for me!

Fitness is not just jumping around to the rhythm of crazy beats. More and more fitness clubs offer variety of lessons with elements of relaxation, conducted with calm, atmospheric music. They often use Pilates and yoga techniques to take care of the body in the widest possible context, while giving a moment of relief to the tired mind. This type of workout can focus on

  • relaxation (meditation, unwinding, visualizations)
  • stretching (stretching and yoga techniques for improving body flexibility)
  • strengthening certain muscle groups (yoga, Pilates)


or combine them all in certain proportions. It’s easy to find something that will meet one’s expectations.

I do not like to jump to the music, I prefer to exercise more calmly!

The easiest answer is: so choose something for yourself! Training with music is not just dance moves, repeatedly done routines or sequences of steps to remember. Fitness clubs abound in different forms of classes which can be more about gymnastics, emphasizing strengthening of certain muscle groups. You will find it for sure:

  • strength training for all basic muscle groups
  • strength training with additional equipment (step, ball, tubing, bar, dumbbell)
  • Targeted training - focused on certain parts of the body such as hips and thighs

Not this age - these types of activities are only for the young!

This is so not true anymore! There are many types of training that elderly gym users will definitely feel great about. Recommend Pilates and stretching exercises that stabilize spine and use balls such as body ball or easy ball. With such training body will be more flexible, spine will ‘feel’ great relief and overall feeling will be much better. Training will enable elderly customers to look with joy and energy at everyday life.

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