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5 Ways to Recover Like a Pro at your Gym

Probably you are one of those people who work hard, are extremely busy, live fast in a hectic world and you like to clean your head with a proper heavy workout session.

Recover Like a Pro at your Gym

Probably you are one of those people who work hard, are extremely busy, live fast in a hectic world and like to clean your head with a proper heavy workout session. I have to admit I do the same as it’s the perfect way to restore balance and bring peace to your body, mind and soul, but does your plan also take into account a recovery plan? Well, mine didn’t and very quickly I have experienced muscle problems and ended up with a series of rehabilitation treatments. What is more important your health club customers may have the same habits and approach as you do and so they can also experience muscle problems or injuries. I have gathered a few tips that you can promote among your staff and customers and they can also bring you a higher retention level with more and more satisfied members.

Roll out

Foam rolling is a great way to speed up recovery which can ease soreness by breaking up tight knots of tissue and enhancing the blood flow. It might not be the most pleasant massage you have ever done, but experiencing the discomfort is part of the process. and does your body good. This equipment is pretty inexpensive so make sure it is present in your gym. Be sure to talk to your personnel and the group class trainer and check if everyone has proper knowledge about rolling out, know how to do it and how to promote it among their customers as a part of a healthy habit. You can sell it at your reception so once someone is in need, he/she can immediately purchase it and receive short training.


There is one general, important rule: light stretching before and after every workout can help facilitate a quick muscle recovery by reducing lactic acid build-up and improving circulation. This should be repeated by every trainer as a mantra. Stretching is proven to help a range of motion and flexibility in addition to improving performance in the long run. What is the key here is to have an experienced stretching trainer on board and think of stretching classes dedicated to for example-a bodybuilders or cross-fit maniacs, as it is often especially with men they omit this part of training which is a huge mistake.


This might seem like a no-brainer, but again we tend to forget about the most obvious things. Use this simple tip to upsell different beverages at your reception and again create good habits.


Juices, smoothies and nutritional supplements are great pre and post-workout ways to assist in your body’s recovery. It’s crucial to get a mix of protein and carbs into your system fast, ideally within 20 minutes after completing your workout. While managing your fitness centre you should be an expert in this topic. Apart from offering a wide selection of such supplements, you can think of longer cooperation with one food supplement company so they could organize testing days and some short workshops on this subject. 


All working-out hard members should reach for foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as hemp, flax seeds and chia. Furthermore,  nuts and blueberries are also great sources to help these fatty acids speed up recovery and reduce inflammation. Again, the same as with supplements, you should invest in a display fridge where all hungry fit freaks can find healthy snacks. You can go further with this concept and think of teaming up with a healthy meal-delivery service to enhance your offer.

The great thing about all those tips is that all of them can be easily implemented in your club without a massive investment plus the PerfectGym management system can help you to make it fast. By promoting such healthy and useful habits you can easily increase your income in short-run and achieve a high customer satisfaction level in the long run which leads to better retention and again, higher income.

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