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Superfoods you must have in your club in 2017

A fit lifestyle is about many aspects of our life – from a well-balanced sports activity, to a healthy way of living, to proper nutrition.


A fit lifestyle is about many aspects of our life – from a well-balanced sports activity, to a healthy way of living, to proper nutrition. While building your business, you should always support all of these aspects. Your customers will be thankful for a complex and professional offer and it will add to a positive brand image.

The first good news is that the fit lifestyle is not going anywhere and is still trending in society.

The entire fit movement is growing and evolving thanks to which we have new types of sports, different sports alterations, new diets and superfoods. New year brings a great portion of newness that definitely should fill out your shop and reception bar in order to feed the interest and tummies of your most curious and demanding customers. Adding new products to your stock and offering them to members is an easy to do thing via gym management software. You can also create special offers with product discount features, as well as add products as starting packages for new members. What you need to do is concentrate on finding the right products. 

Ghee butter

First on the list is creamy, fatty ghee butter, used in traditional Indian dishes. Why is it so special? Moisture content is very low and there are no more milk solids left in it, it can be kept for a long time without refrigeration. Moreover, it can be used primarily as cooking oil the same way as you use butter or oil, so go ahead and fry your vegetables or rice on it. The good thing about it is that it can be used in higher temperatures without the risk of burning, the bad is that it is high in fat so be careful with using it.  The hot brand now is Fourth & Heart, a collection of flavored ghee made with the milk of plump, grass-fed cows and their flavors include white truffle salt and California garlic.

Tigernut flour

Different flour alternatives have been commonplace for a long time now, especially that eating gluten is still a crime for many of us. Many popular versions like: almond or coconut flour are about to be replaced with other gluten-free alternatives such as tigernut flour which is made from a small tuber. This product is rich in fiber, calcium, and iron and is relatively neutral, slightly nutty in flavor. It has got a huge advantage over its popular fellows: it is easy to grow, does not require so many resources so at the end of the day, it is much cheaper.

Sacha inchi nuts

Nuts were, are and will be on top of the healthy product list. Another nut to add to the list is sacha inchi that comes from tropical South America. If you are bored with almonds and cashews, sacha inchi, or Inca peanuts or mountain peanuts are some of the best nuts available. They are full of omega-3 fatacids that are precious for your heart and contain a good portion of proteins.


Chlorophyll is a green pigment that is essential in the process of photosynthesis, allowing plants to absorb energy from light. Everybody knows that all leafy green veggies are healthy but fitness aware people understand the fact that chlorophyll can significantly decrease food intake and have a positive effect on weight loss. It is really versatile in form. You can use it as powder or liquid to add to your favorite juices, smoothies etc., or simply as capsules. You can expect to see it more often around in juice bars, local grocery stores and at pharmacies and gyms.

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