2 essential classes you cannot miss in your gym in 2017

The Year 2017 has just landed and you can see those crowds floating to your gym still holding strong to their new-year resolutions.

2 essential classes you cannot miss in your gym in 2017

Good news for you is that these classes do not require a lot of new equipment or machines.

The Year 2017 has just landed and you can see those crowds floating to your gym still holding strong to their new-year resolutions.  While everyone is on their fresh start and in search of something new, something that will motivate them and keep on high note, you should definitely adjust your club offer. I am sure your place is ready for a schedule change, easy to be performed in your gym management software, so that you keep your gym on trend and do not let anyone take over your customers. Use this great opportunity to push a great message and encourage users to try out new classes.


Old school bodyweight training is making a huge comeback not only according to the fitness experts, but also the number of such gym classes and their attendees. Not that push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups ever really went out of style—they just never were so trendy and cool until now. We are now seeing a huge shift to simpler bodyweight movements which, when programmed smartly, can be super effective and creative. Some say that this trend lays at the ground of calisthenics – a movement that was founded just a few years ago has its own World Calisthenics Organization and hosts Battle of the Bars – world’s famous gymnastics competition between the finest and most skillful athletes on planet. What is calisthenics all about? To put it in a simple manner, it is a body-weight type of training including movements such as: pulling or pushing oneself up, bending, jumping or swinging with resistance of only one's body weight. No extra equipment needed. Often those movements are vigorously performed in a rhythmical way and are accompanied by a series of stretches.


It was a hot trend in 2016 and it will hold same strong this year. The popularity of boxing does not really stem from its great history and a long tradition dating ancient times. Boxing was always very popular with its heroes and pop culture legends but what has really made the difference is Mixed Martial Arts. What is really interesting is that boxing is highly popular with women. The Internet is full of celebrities and supermodels showing off their love for this type of workout. What is crucial is the fact that boxing is a great full-body workout, and is one of the more enjoyable forms of cardio making it easier and faster to see results. It involves quick footwork and helps to release stress. Constant bouncing movement challenges your balance while engaging all your leg muscles. The power you put behind punches engages your torso, back and shoulders. The main advantages that come from boxing classes for you are: time and fun. You do not need a lot of time to turn 15-20 individuals into bunch of sweaty and worn out people. This group will feel super pumped up after such a workout and look forward to meeting next time.

So do not waste more time thinking of incorporating these classes into your schedule. We promise it will take your business to the next level. Also make sure that your schedule is clear for your customers and integrated with your Point of Sales or Client Portal. This makes class booking easier and increases class attendance.

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