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Checklist how to support retention in your club

Starting from real basics – you have to be aware on what type of market you operate on. The truth is that on mature markets tools like a management software or mobile apps are currently used as a standard.

Checklist how to support retention in your club


Starting from real basics – you have to be aware on what type of market you operate on. The truth is that on mature markets tools like a management software or mobile apps are currently used as a standard. On the other hand, with developing markets it might be as much as nearly 40% of health clubs that won’t work using such programs. I have to admit that having and actively using for example dashboard in Perfect Management  and the whole report part in administration panel of such a software is a must these days if we want to tackle retention issueactively. Without hard data we cannot make any analysis and have a clear vision of what is happening, what the trends are and, most importantly, plan future steps. Another fundamental element in the retention management is a good retention among employees. An excessive rotation among the staff has immediate consequences not only on a decline in the service quality and organizational chaos but canalsoreduce the retention of customerssignificantly.

First 30 days

These days everyone is fighting for a customer with all possible means: ads, promotions, discounts, social media. Everywhere you can get a guarantee of success and satisfaction. The reality is that we have seen similar activities on the fitness market for years. The trick is to divide efforts properly betweenan engagement in acquiring a new customer and taking care and keeping the existing members in the club for longer.

According to a leading expert in the American fitness market, Thomas Plummer, first 30 days of a freshmen in the club is crucial when fighting for keeping the retention on the right level. It is the time when a customer, consciously or not, decides to stay longer in the club. It's worth and crucial to take time to build a solid foundation for a long-term relationship, as there will be no second chances.

If I could sum up the best practices from the survey among top health clubs, it would be: - The commitment of the whole team –a motivation system for employees, no rotation among the staff

- The professional care at the beginning –a coach, a dietitian, a physiotherapist

- Setting a goal which is achievable - do not discourage, motivatepositively

 - Establishing an exact action plan - constant monitoring of the progress, preferably also by the customer via a mobile application, an internet system in customer profile

- An unlimited access to trainers, consultants - including the contact viamobile devices or social media

- A free service and startup products –A satisfaction survey  - electronic surveys can generate statistics on a regular basis

- Monitoring activity and attendance through system reports

8 times a month

The IHRSA reports and many experts clearly indicate that a customer's presence on average eight times a month has a significant positive impact on the retention. Research and statistics also show that the attendance below five times a month results in a retention decrease of up to 30 percent on a yearly basis.

How does the role model gymswork? - Systematic analysis of the attendance, reports on time spend and the purchase history

 -  Invitations for extra workshops, events, consultations

 - Offering extra services

 - Immediate reactions in case of decrease in the attendance

Let’s stay in touch

Customers make connections not with machines or dumbbells but with people. Equipment and weights are tools onlyfor the workout. Make it easy for your customers to contact the club and encourage it in a genuine and natural way. Customers who can easily contact the club through a variety of channels will be more likely to stay in the club for longer.

Rules to follow:

- A great, user-friendly website as a business card - a website that is alive, encouraging and interactive

- The possibility to purchase services over the Internet

- The possibility to enroll for classes and cancel classes via the Internet - also by mobile devices

- A constant contact through social media, especially in unexpected situations

- Posting videos, guides, motivating photos and testimonials from members

- Implementation ofloyalty programs

-  Introduction of the recommendation system with prizes

- Automatic, cyclical dispatch of inspirational newsletters

It isn’t a big surprise that many of those actions mentioned you canset up easilythanks to PerfectGym management software. What gives you a great advantage is the fact that this tool enables you to have a wide perspective and work with the retention topic from different angles.

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