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Cryotherapy – a new hype service

The best athletes in the world use cryotherapy to train more intensively and to regenerate faster. Cold treatment is the method which has been well known for many years.

Cryotherapy –  a new hype service

The best athletes in the world use cryotherapy to train more intensively and to regenerate faster. Cold treatment is the method which has been well known for many years. Everyone knows that if you seek a relief from pain, reduce an inflammation or muscle fatigue, one should treat the body or the area of pain with something cool. What does cryotherapy do? It simply cools the place with the temperature minus 140 degrees. By creating a cryogenic shock the body heals and regenerates joints or muscles faster. After rehabilitation of professional athletes, here comes time for semi- professional and amateurs sportsmen. More and more marathon runners and triathlonists are praising this treatment as they take advantage of it during their preparation season and they often claim their life’s best results are improving.

Good to know

When you take part in a session you should have bathing suit, winter cap, gloves and warm socks on. You also get a face mask and wooden clogs on your feet. Inside the chamber you should breathe slowly and shallowly. You should also march calmly, slightly tapping your shoes. It is forbidden to touch the frosted walls, as it can cause skin damage. Minus 120 degrees below zero perfectly affects the body and the spirit. Cryotherapy is recommended especially for obese people, with motor system or neurological disorders and respiratory infections. Cryotherapy stimulates the immune system, so it is recommended for people with recurrent infections and reduced immunity. Thanks to this treatment people regulate hormonal balance and improve their overall well-being. The cryotherapy chamber detoxifies the body and helps to return to its normal metabolic balance. It also stimulates microcirculation and makes the skin more radiant, it has a healthier and more beautiful appearance. As a result of cryotherapy excess fluids are excreted. During the treatment gradual removal of cellulite occurs, so it makes this service even more popular.15-20 treatments revitalizes the whole body and improves all its functions.

How does it work?

Phase I The blood vessels are narrowed, blood flow is significantly reduced, and the metabolism is markedly slowed down. Phase II The body, defending itself from the cold, expands the blood vessels increasing the blood flow. As a result even deeper tissues are oxygenated and nourished better. Result With faster regeneration you can train more intensively.

How to advertise it among your gym members? How they can test the new service? 1. Become a marathon runner

Before cryotherapy. You run 3 times a week, you feel like you are in the form for a good result on 10 km run.

After cryotherapy. Increase the amount of workouts to 5, remembering to devote 1 session for speed training, the other to the tempo, and the third one for a long run. Treat other training sessions as relaxing exercises.

2. Build a strong and slim silhouette

Before cryotherapy. You practice 2-3 times a week. You are skipping workouts sometimes because your body regenerates too slowly.

After cryotherapy. Increase the number of sessions to 4 or 5. Go for shorter but more intensive workouts - do not count the number of repetitions in a series, but do the maximum number of reps in a time unit.

3. Return to the form after injury

Before cryotherapy. After injury from last season there is no trace. You want to return to the same form you had.

After cryotherapy. Cool the injured area in days without  training. On workout days warm up this area with an ointment and cool off with a pad after you finish.

Fitness centre is the perfect place for this type of service. As you see there are plenty of advantages, this service can be offered to a wide group of customers with different needs. As with any other suggested new service, you have to do your lesson with PerfectGym management software and check every business aspect of it before offering it to your members.


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