Is technology killing personal training market?

Video killed the radio star went the song and can we chant it again about PT this time?

Is technology killing personal training market?

Video killed the radio star went the song and can we chant it again about PT this time? The personal training industry has changed for sure over the past few years and is nothing like it used to be. Two main reasons for the change are: wearable tech like smart watches and all kinds of fitness gurus present on the Internet, especially social media and YouTube. Wearable tech was predicted as one of the top fitness trends for the year and so it happened. Moreover, fitness tech is becoming smarter every day with more functions and possibilities. If not having a smart watch, you can choose from one of tons of apps that popped on the market offering workouts and wellbeing plans to suit your level, style and location. On top of that, we have to add worldwide phenomenon of fitness gurus who are all over the place. You can watch free training either on their social media accounts or YouTube. Of course they offer their training programmes online plus lots of extra merchandising such as books, foods supplements, small equipment  etc.

PT has to change

These days any of your customers can Google something connected with fit lifestyle  and instantly have more information, answers, training programs and diet choices that you can think of. Technology right now can combine huge amount of data about you, your health, training routine, nutrition scheme and propose solution tailored for your needs. A personal trainer as the mainsource of knowledge is in this situation viewed like a dinosaur. Something interesting, but completely out-of-date. This is wherea great need for a change comes– focus on transformation rather than information. The core info is to be found everywhere but the clue is to use it in a smart way. This is a moment where PT comes into a stage and knows how to use this specific information and provide solution having this info in mind.

Make love not war

In an ideal world technology and PT's should have a mutual and positive relationship. In fact, many PTs love their technology and confess it is just working for their benefit. It has a positive impact onthe exercise experience while making it more attractive, accountable and professional.All high-tech devices and gadgets are an awesome new way to check in with the customers about their progress. This is a crucial task as many customers train only once a week or rarely on regular basis. Moreover, it helps to set clients goals for them to reach when we're not around.

Do not fear

According to some fitness specialists high tech is not and will never be a real threat to PT and the actual presence at the gym. Why? For a very simple reason  - although we stay connected with the whole world 24 for 7 by means of social media, in reality we lack regular and human contact. If you are a white-collar worker, always extremely busy, preparing reports or convening hard negotiations then working out with a personal trainer gives you the chance to breathe, move and interact with others.There is a high probability thatpeople crave that contact and it this case tech is complementary to the relationship. And it also depends on people, meaning customers themselves. For some wearing a smart watch and checking their parameters is already an incentive and make them sweat even more, others will not even move from the couch although their smart watch prompt them to do so.

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