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How Members can Cancel their Member Freezes

In light of the challenges that COVID-19 has pushed upon gyms, we at PerfectGym recognize the strain this has put on your business. While many gyms have been forced to freeze memberships, some members may opt not to. Read about how your members can personally cancel their contract freeze.

How Members can Cancel their Member Freezes

During the COVID-19 crisis, fitness clubs across the globe have been forced to close. With these closures, the majority of clubs have frozen their memberships as to not charge members when they can’t access the gym. 

However, many clubs are still finding ways to provide value to their members outside of the club with streaming classes, nutritional recipe recommendations, and different ways to achieve wellness at home. 

As a result, even for those that have only implemented a freeze, there are some members who want to still keep paying their gym membership. 

Even though they can’t use their facilities, members want to keep paying their memberships because they:

  • feel that the brand is still providing value outside of the facility
  • have built relationships with the staff and want to help any way they can
  • want to ensure that the brand is still active after the crisis is over

It is messages like the one above that are likely to make members want to support by unfreezing their contracts. They love their gyms and want to support them during difficult times, no matter how big or small. 

Here at PerfectGym, we would like to help those facilities any way we can, which is why we’ve implemented the “Unfreeze My Membership” feature. 

How Members Can Cancel Their Contract Freeze

While the PerfectGym system’s power tools have enabled clubs to quickly freeze contracts on a mass scale, we realized that many clubs have some members that don’t want to freeze their memberships for the reasons outlined above. 

Thus, we’ve added a feature to enable the cancellation of freezes on an individual level, so that members can contribute to the club if they choose to. 

The feature is available on the Client Portal for members to log in and unfreeze their memberships. 

For current clients, directions on how to enable this feature can be found in our Knowledge Base by searching “Cancel Freeze”. 

Once enabled, members will get a notification upon logging in as it is seen above. They can click the notification to unfreeze their contract and continue to be billed. 

Just 2 days after enabling the feature, we’ve seen the first batch of clients (names removed) benefit from having their members unfreeze their contracts. 

The more your members identify with their brand, the more benefits your brand will see from happy clients. In closing, we wish all of the clubs and members affected health and happiness, above all else. 

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