New year, better Perfect Gym!

New year resolutions are our daily bread and butter. We innovate continiously, but here's what you can expect in the upcoming year.

New year, better Perfect Gym!

Perfect Gym supports more than 1000 clients from 40 different countries in the world. The number is still rising and so is our offer. Having the unique advantage of international know-how, we use it to improve Perfect Gym and deliver new features for all your upcoming challenges.

What's new in Perfect Gym?

Starting off with a complete new design of our product. We figured, we want you to enjoy Perfect Gym with all your senses so we created a look, that makes you want to work on it even more. We also created a range of features within the system: Automation Center for enhanced member communication, a CRM for effective lead management, Family and Friend access, an entirely new Client Portal for independent membership control and class/PT booking as well as new modules, which will soon be launched such as Swim Schools and  Facility booking. 2018 will also be the year of the gym management revolution - see how Perfect Gym will use Artificial Intelligence to improve your business data analysis and bring in more clients, quality and opportunities!

Automation Center

The main source of communication with your members. Here you can setup rules and define your messages: SMS, e-mail or push notification. Send welcome emails or special deals, congratulate your members on their birthday or simply remind them about special events. Keep the conversation going to ensure more bookings, increased loyalty and simply a great customer relationship! Read more

Customer Relationship Manager

Tired of notes flying around the sales office? Do you long for order and structure? We have something for you: a CRM designed for the needs and purposes of the fitness and leisure industry. Our CRM will help you to manage your lead queue more efficiently and control the tasks and workload of your sales consultants and employees. Get ready for a year of great lead management. Check for more here 

Client Portal 2.0

Noone likes to stand in a queue or wait until the club opens. We love to be independent. Now more than ever. This is why you should provide unlimited accesss to class, PT bookings, payments, contract extensions and club purchases - anywhere and anytime. Client Portal 2.0 makes this possible. Allow your members to bring company thanks to our family and friends access model - the more the merrier and...better for you sales pipeline!

Data science

AI. Business Intelligence. Machine Learning. These are the words we hear more and more. The need to transform data into information and information into knowledge has never been more exciting. Perfect Gym will be the first to apply Artificial Intelligence in gym management software. Fast and efficient data analysis is crucial in every business. We want to make your operations more efficient and save your energy on time consuming tasks. Get ready for the detailed insights and consumer behaviour predictions, that can only benefit your performance! Read more on AI in Perfect Gym here 

Coming soon...

Perfect Gym opens up to a variety of new industry verticals: swim schools, sports resorts and country clubs, yoga studios, martial art studios, crossfit gyms and many more. We understand the unique set of individual needs of all our clients, that is why we create features and modules, that can best support specific business and operational needs.

Check our blog and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on our upcoming Swim School and Facility Booking module!

Oh wow. Can you feel it? 2018 will rock!




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