How Perfect Gym Supports 31% Member Growth

Perfect Gym is a secure, cloud-based platform allowing for efficient management of multiple locations in one place. This is why it has been a number one choice for fitness and leisure enterprises, trusted by 130 international fitness chains. Discover the capabilities of this powerful system, proven by the impressive growth achieved by our valued client.

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In today's competitive industry, only the forward-thinking brands that recognise a gym as more than just a space with training equipment have the potential to scale and thrive. This is why Perfect Gym designed an open software platform that seamlessly integrates with a diverse ecosystem of third-party applications, making it a solid foundation to build exceptional experiences that go beyond the mat. 

By embracing this broader perspective and adapting to members' evolving expectations, brands can position themselves for long-term scalability and expansion in the industry. This case study showcases the transformative impact of leveraging Perfect Gym's capabilities based on system data. 

Over 60% of Members Opt for Convenient Recurring Membership Payments 

Successful fitness and leisure businesses prioritise a member-centric approach to create an environment where members feel valued and their needs are met with minimal effort on their part. Therefore, maximising operational efficiency and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy are critical factors in ensuring a hassle-free gym experience.

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Providing a variety of convenient payment options is a crucial step in achieving this. Perfect Gym payment integrations enable hassle-free membership fee processing without the need for direct member-to-club contact. Over 60% of members were charged automatically in the last three months, eliminating the inconvenience of manual transactions. 

Perfect Gym seamlessly integrates with leading providers, such as GoCardless, Stripe, Straal, EzyPay, HyperPay, Ayden, and others, enabling fitness and leisure brands worldwide to offer their clients a wide range of convenient payment options. 

Almost Half of the Contracts are Renewed Automatically 

Automatic membership renewal guarantees uninterrupted access to the facilities and services, saving members time and potential lapses in club access. Almost half of the contracts were renewed automatically over the last year, allowing members to focus on their fitness journey easily and without disruptions. 

Moreover, our client’s successful strategy played a part in achieving a 31% year-over-year increase in memberships. This impressive growth proves the effectiveness of their approach in attracting and retaining members.

 Around 50% of members chose the flexibility of monthly memberships, while more than 40% opted for annual contracts, demonstrating their dedication to long-term fitness goals. In terms of registration methods, one-third of new gym goers registered online on the client’s website, seamlessly connected with Perfect Gym’s system through an open API. Almost 70% signed up through Perfect Gym Manager and Point of Sale at the club reception. 

Discounts Drive Over 40% Increase in Member Sign-Ups 

Discounts are a highly effective method to encourage potential members to explore the benefits of club membership. By offering lower prices, complimentary personal training sessions, waived joining fees, or other appealing incentives, brands seize the opportunity to prove the value of being a member. 

Almost 40% of new members signed up with a discount, proving it a successful method of driving growth. To encourage online sign-ups, the client offers a discount to individuals who choose to register through their website.

Creating and distributing vouchers with Perfect Gym is effortless, and the campaign results can be easily measured. In just a few clicks, you can generate various promotions and accurately track their performance to identify the most effective strategies leading to substantial membership growth. 

Moreover, vouchers are not only useful to attract new customers but also to keep them engaged. Perfect Gym's reporting capabilities assist in identifying members who may be at risk of churning, enabling businesses to timely boost their motivation by targeting them with promotional campaigns. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Perfect Gym's powerful system serves as a solid foundation that empowers fitness and leisure companies to create an ecosystem of connected experiences through its open API. By leveraging tools designed to enhance operational efficiency and elevate member convenience, our clients achieve notable growth and reach their ambitious business targets. 

If you are seeking a trusted software partner to assist your brand in achieving its digital transformation goals, schedule a demo presentation to discuss how Perfect Gym's solution can be tailored to your business needs. 

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