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Invictus Grows from 3 to 23 Clubs in 4 Years with Perfect Gym


new clubs opened in 4 years


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Invictus is a rapidly growing fitness chain, recognised for introducing recurring membership payments in Kazakhstan. Looking ahead, the company has ambitious plans to leverage Perfect Gym’s capabilities to propel its growth from the current 23 locations to 175 locations in the coming years.

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Invictus's inaugural club was founded in 2016, fuelled by a passion for fitness, with no grand ambitions of revolutionising the wellness industry in Kazakhstan at that time. 

"We launched Invictus as one gym without the goal of turning it into a large fitness chain," says Shynggys Taneke, Invictus co-founder. "Our previous software was suitable for managing one club. When we opened our second location, we knew we needed a more advanced management system to support scaling our business."

Recognising the need for a robust solution, the company turned to Perfect Gym, which proved to be a landmark decision for their development. Invictus' main goal was to introduce recurring payments for their memberships as the first fitness brand in Kazakhstan, where the concept of autopay was still in its early stages. Despite the local limitations, Perfect Gym's payment integrations facilitated automatic recurring billing for Invictus' members.

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80% of Membership Recurring Payments Prove the Need for Smooth Member Experience

Perfect Gym provided its scalable open software management platform to 3 clubs back in 2018. In the following years, the brand grew by 20 additional locations. "Perfect Gym gave us the opportunity to introduce recurring membership payments in the Kazakhstan fitness market and launch our Invictus GO chain," explains Shynnygs. "We opened our first three clubs in 3 years. After partnering with Perfect Gym, we launched 20 clubs in just four years.

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Invictus is a great example of this shift. Over the past year, it has experienced an impressive 85% year-on-year increase in new members. This surge clearly indicates the enormous growth potential in the Kazakhstani fitness industry, making it an attractive and lucrative opportunity for fitness businesses and investors eager to tap into this thriving market.

69% YoY Visits Growth Proves Invictus to be the Brand of Choice

The Invictus franchise is based on a successful business model, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to open a gym without extensive expertise. By adopting such an approach, Invictus can rapidly grow its presence in different locations while sustaining consistency in service quality and brand identity across all its franchises. "To maintain the brand quality, integration with the Perfect Gym system and cutting-edge fitness equipment from TechnoGym and Panatta are a part of the contract," says Shynnygs. 

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Source: Invictus

Invictus is a leader in delivering outstanding experiences to its members. By offering full control over the memberships on mobile, a seamless gym experience, and easy class and personal training bookings, it has become a brand of choice in Kazakhstan. Maintaining a high level of member engagement has led to a 69% year-over-year visit increase. "Our whole ecosystem is built around Perfect Gym. We use open API to connect our Mobile App and payment systems, and we plan to introduce e-commerce to sell branded merchandise."

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After successful years in Kazakhstan, Invictus started expanding, opening new locations in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, with more to come. Looking ahead, the company has ambitious plans to leverage Perfect Gym's capabilities to propel its growth from the current 23 to an impressive 175 locations in the coming years. "It is a big advantage that the system is intuitive and easy to use. We have over 600 employees, and we are growing fast. Perfect Gym makes launching new locations much easier," explains Shynggys Taneke, Invictus co-founder.

Concluding Thoughts 

Invictus is a digital transformation leader in the Kazakhstani wellness market thanks to its winning combination of a successful business plan and cutting-edge technology. By harnessing the power of Perfect Gym's open platform, they have not only effectively streamlined processes but also created a hassle-free fitness journey for their members.

Due to the increasing societal interest in wellness as well as favourable market trends, Invictus is set for rapid growth, with plans to continue brand expansion internationally. Their business model has proven successful, with the potential to elevate its influence on a global scale.

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