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12 Creative Ways to Make Money in Fitness

Looking for new ways to make more money in the fitness industry? Check out these 12 creative strategies that can help gyms and fitness facilities generate additional revenue streams and increase profitability beyond traditional membership fees.

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Whether you're running a large fitness facility or a small local business, there are countless opportunities to make money in the fitness industry beyond just selling gym memberships.

As a manager yourself, you already have a built-in customer base, equipment, and space to work with, providing you with a solid foundation to explore alternative avenues for revenue growth.

By diversifying your income streams, you can not only generate more earnings but also create a more stable and sustainable business model. In this blog post, we'll explore some creative and innovative ways to make money in the fitness industry that will help you capitalize on your assets to maximize your revenue potential.

How to Make Money In Fitness? 12 Creative Ways

Check out our comprehensive list of innovative strategies that can help you generate additional revenue streams and increase your gym's profitability. From offering virtual classes and selling branded merchandise to partnering with local businesses and hosting corporate fitness programs, these creative approaches can attract new customers, retain existing ones, and set you apart from the competition in the fitness industry. Don't miss out on these opportunities to grow your business and achieve long-term success!

1. Offer Fitness Retreats and Holiday

Retreats, escapes, and holidays are a great way to make money in the fitness industry by attracting new customers who are looking for a unique and immersive experience. These types of getaways offer luxurious accommodations, exotic locations, and specialized hosting, which can command a premium price.

For your business, offering fitness retreats and vacations can help differentiate you from competitors by providing a unique value proposition that sets it apart in the market. Customers are always on the lookout for something different and exciting, and these kinds of activities can provide just that. By offering a one-of-a-kind experience that focuses on health, wellness, and fitness, your facility can attract customers seeking a more personalised and holistic approach to their fitness journey. 

Moreover, you can strengthen relationships with current members by providing them with exclusive access to the event and creating a sense of community within the facility. This can help you make money by increasing member retention and loyalty.

If you're considering offering fitness retreats and vacations as a way to make money in the fitness industry, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Choose a suitable location with accommodations and fitness facilities.
  • Create a challenging and enjoyable program with activities like yoga, hiking, and HIIT.
  • Offer workshops (for example on nutrition and relaxation techniques).
  • Consider different pricing packages.
  • Utilize social media and referral bonuses for marketing.


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2. Rent Out Your Space

Looking for creative ways to make money in fitness? Renting out extra space in your gym can be a great opportunity for additional revenue. You can offer the space for personal training sessions, small group classes, or even photo and video shoots!

With these last ones, you’ll have the added benefit of free marketing. While the name of your facility might not appear in the content, a well-laid-out, aesthetically pleasing venue can serve as a backdrop that enhances the overall quality of the project. These types of shoots can also offer free marketing, with images or videos of your gym potentially being shared on social media or other online platforms.

3. Host Community Events

Hosting community events is a great way for a new fitness centre to generate more revenue and exposure. These can be described as events around the community that are your facility’s members, or around the local community in which your facility is located. 

When hosting events for your members, you can create opportunities for them to interact with staff and each other outside of their usual workout routines. It helps them build better relationships amongst themselves, a sense of community and loyalty. Such events also help you sell more products or services, create partnerships and give you a positive reputation. 

Hosting events for the local community do the same but while those attending such events might be members of your gym, they’ll certainly be small local business owners like you. Again, this is another opportunity to build partnerships, strengthen ties and create a good reputation with the locals. 

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4. How to Make Money in Fitness? Develop a Mobile App

A mobile app can be a powerful tool for gyms to generate more revenue by enhancing member engagement and retention. With a user-friendly mobile solution, gym members can easily access their workout plans, track their progress, and connect with fellow gym-goers and trainers. But that is not all!

With a well-designed gym mobile app, you can not only enhance member engagement and retention but also open up new revenue streams. Through it, your customers will have access to additional services such as virtual training, nutrition and meal planning, and workout tracking. You can even use the app to sell branded merchandise and offer promotions.

5. Create a Referral Program

Referral programs are a common way for a facility to generate more revenue. It typically offers rewards or incentives to members who refer new customers to the gym. This can include discounts on membership fees, free personal training sessions, or even cash rewards. By providing these incentives, the gym encourages members to refer new customers and rewards them for doing so.

However, it is important to exercise caution and not implement a program that is too complex. Overly complicated rules may lead people to cheat or cause unnecessary disputes. Therefore, it is recommended to create simple and transparent referral programs that do not require complex procedures to minimize such problems.

The referral program can take many forms, depending on the preferences and capabilities of the gym, such as:

  • Point system for each referred member, the client receives a certain number of points, which can later be exchanged for rewards.
  • Discount system the referring member receives a specified discount on membership fees for each new client who signs up at the gym. The more clients they refer, the larger the discounts they receive.
  • Reward system the referring member receives a cash reward or other type of prize for each new client who signs up at the gym.
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6. Create an Online Store 

Another creative way to make money in fitness is to run an online store for your gym. Secondary spending is a massive revenue stream for many fitness facilities, which goes beyond just buying a protein shake on the way out or a new towel. 

By taking your retail offerings online, you not only can sell physical products to new customers and potentially turn them into regular gym-goers, but you are also able to upsell to existing members. 

Within the PerfectGym Manager, you can offer single or multiple services, such as personal training sessions, swimming lessons, and one-time club entries, as well as specific items like food, beverages, or supplements. To support your sales targets and attract new members, you can create specific product discounts or start packages for new members.

Additionally, the Warehouse module provides the tools for the current verification of supplies and stock and also determines the supply of a specific product and efficient control of the warehouse's documents. By utilizing these features, you can maximize your revenue and streamline your inventory management process.

7. Offer Virtual Training and Classes to Make Money in Fitness

With the growth of online fitness and the increased demand for at-home workouts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual classes and training have become increasingly popular.

One way to get started with virtual classes and training is by offering live or recorded courses through a platform such as Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook Live. This can be a great way to attract new customers and expand your reach beyond your physical location. Managers can advertise their virtual courses on social media, their website, or other fitness directories to attract new customers.  

Another option is to create subscription-based virtual training programs. These may comprise customised workout plans, nutritional guidance, online coaching, or any other form of support, advice, and guidance. By providing quality content and building a loyal following, you can effectively make money in fitness through virtual training and classes.

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8. Sell Advertising Space

To generate additional revenue for your fitness facility, consider selling advertising space within your gym or fitness centre. Not only can you put advertising on your website and social media, but also in your facility itself.

Supplement companies, activewear, or even technology companies may be interested in partnering with you and seeing their products promoted to your members. How you can do this? 

One option is to sell space for posters or banners to be displayed on the walls or in specific areas of the facility. This can be a great way for local businesses to promote their products or services directly to your members while they work out. 

Another option is to sell advertising space on the TV screens that are often found throughout the gym. These screens can display ads for local businesses, fitness-related products or services, or even healthy food and drink options available at your facility.

This is a win-win situation where you earn additional revenue, and local businesses get exposure to your members.

9. Sell Branded Merchandise

Selling branded merchandise not only generate additional revenue but also increases brand awareness and loyalty. When customers wear or use branded products that showcase your gym's logo, they essentially become walking advertisements for your gym.

This gets your business name out in the area and helps spread it amongst the locals. Branded merchandise can also help to build a sense of community among members, as they feel like part of a larger group or team.

There are various merchandise options that you can offer to your members such as t-shirts, stringers, water bottles, gym bags, and even phone cases or hats. These items can be sold in your gym's physical location, on your website or mobile app to cater to a broader audience.

However, it’s essential to ensure that the merchandise you sell is not only visually appealing but also of high quality. Otherwise, it can tarnish your gym's reputation and lead to negative reviews. Moreover, the merchandise should be priced affordably, so it's accessible to a wide range of customers while still generating enough profit to make it worth the effort.

10. Offer Nutrition and Meal-Planning Services

Offering nutritional and meal-planning services is another effective way for gyms to make money. Many gym-goers are also health-conscious individuals who are interested in maintaining a balanced and healthy diet to complement their fitness routines. By offering nutritional and meal-planning services, gyms can tap into this market and provide an additional source of income.

You can offer personalized meal plans and nutrition consultations as a standalone service or as part of a larger package. Additionally, gyms can partner with registered dietitians, nutritionists, or catering companies to offer more comprehensive and specialized services. These services can be offered in person or virtually, depending on the business’s resources and capabilities.

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11. Partner with Local Businesses to Offer Joint Promotions or Services

Partnering with local businesses can help you expand your reach and generate additional revenue. You can offer joint promotions or services with businesses such as healthy restaurants, sports stores, or other fitness-related businesses.

Local sports clubs can also be a good source of revenue. Discounted fees for the local football club to help them get in shape for the next season means you get more people in your facility and your logo on the team's uniform. 

12. Offer Corporate Fitness Programs or Team-Building Events

Many companies and corporations are looking for ways to promote health and wellness among their employees. Partnering with a gym to offer corporate fitness programs or team-building events can be an attractive option for businesses on both sides of the coin. 

Your facility can create a new revenue stream by offering customised programs and events that meet the company's specific needs. What’s more, these programs can lead to long-term partnerships and ongoing business from the company.

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There are numerous ways for fitness facilities to generate additional revenue streams and increase their profitability beyond traditional membership fees. 

By implementing creative and innovative strategies as outlined above, gyms can attract new customers and retain existing ones while generating more income. 

It is important to think outside the box and explore these opportunities to stay ahead of the competition in the fitness industry. With the right approach and effective marketing, these strategies can help fitness facilities grow their business and achieve long-term success.

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