Gym Indoor Tracking: Optimizing Space in Fitness Clubs

Overcrowded gyms aren't much fun for clients looking for a quick workout. Luckily, with room analytics, you can measure the usage of certain parts of your club and optimize your space to make your clients happy.

Gym Indoor Tracking: Optimizing Space in Fitness Clubs

I typically visit the gym in the morning. In no way am I morning person—my alarm clock is the last thing I want to hear upon waking up. 

But what I dislike even more than my alarm is an overcrowded gym. Waiting between sets for up to 10-15 minutes is as annoying as it is time consuming. 

The alternative is to get in early when the gym isn’t crowded and I can use the machines and equipment freely. 

I’m not alone in this thought process. Nobody likes overcrowded clubs, especially when you know there’s space in the club that no one really uses during peak hours when you and plenty of other members can get a workout done in a short amount of time. 

This is where optimizing club space comes in. Using data and what’s called “indoor tracking”, you can monitor club member behaviors in terms of what rooms they occupy most frequently and adjust your space accordingly. 

Indoor Tracking

Indoor tracking for gyms is monitoring the space inside your fitness club to see how many club members are in a room at any given time. 

This may seem like you’re being “big brother”, but I can assure you that it’s no different than keeping security cameras in your club. 

You simply have beacons installed in every room that ping your club's mobile app if it is installed on their mobile device to track their whereabouts inside the club. 

The usage of mobile devices during workouts has grown significantly in the past few years and a direct consequence has been a much wider adoption of mobile apps by fitness clubs to service their members more effectively.

As you can see in the graphic above, the green dots are employees, while the orange dots are club members. 

From there you can get a report on room utilization and filter it by time periods for usage analysis. 

For example, if you want to see how much your cardio room is being used, then you can segment by the room type and the time of day. 

It’s a great tool to make sure that certain rooms are being used at the times you expect them to, and if they’re not then you can simply make a change and use equipment there from rooms that are frequently booked to capacity. 

The Benefits of Optimized Club Space

When members feel that they can come into the club at any time, it creates a lot of flexibility in their schedules and can help eliminate skipped days. 

That’s not to say that you should be limiting the amount of memberships you sell or the amount of people allowed in the club at a given time. It just means that you should prioritize certain rooms and activities for certain time frames. 

This can be a huge boost for club retention as members will feel more satisfied and be more motivated to workout continuously

Furthermore, it can help with deciding how and when to schedule certain classes. 

For example, lets say that your studio room is full around 5pm everyday. However, you notice that the average age group for the attendees in this class is around 50+ years of age. 

You can then offer the same class just before the clubs busiest time and see if the attendance rate stays the same. Then you can open up that room to be used freely during the day’s high peak. 

Ultimately, having the data available to you for these kinds of issues can be the difference maker in not only making a good decision, but identifying problems in the first place. 

You simply need to install beacons and promote the adoption of your mobile app to your members and then you’ll have the data you need. 


Be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to client satisfaction. Data is everywhere if you have the right tools to find it, and optimizing the space in your gym can be difference maker when it comes to clients coming back daily versus skipping workouts altogether. 

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